Type 1

Type 1 liquid wallpaper company "Style" created on the basis of cellulose fiber. Cellulose..


Type 2

Liquid wallpaper type 2 TM "Style" - a classic of textile coatings . On their light emboss..


Type 3

What could be more beautiful than a spectacular combination of fresh olive and light green shades in..


Type 4

Liquid wallpaper type 4 TM "Style" is one of the most popular materials in the brand line...


Type 5

Rainbow reflections on the walls. The fur of a magical unicorn. Or the feathers of a fabulous firebi..


Type 6

Liquid wall-paper type 6 TM "Style" - an example of elegance and refinement . A green-yell..


Type 7

Liquid wallpaper type 7 TM "Style" is based on cellulose, the fibers of which provide a li..


Type 8

The silk base makes liquid wallpaper type 8 TM "Style" more resistant to many external fac..


Type 9

If you are tired of traditional interiors, roll wallpaper with monotonous patterns and outdated colo..


Type 10

Type 10 liquid wallpaper company "Style" is based on silk fiber, which has a characteristi..


Type 11

Type 11 liquid wallpaper TM "Style" will appeal to lovers of unhackneyed interior solution..


Type 12

Liquid wallpaper type 12 TM "Style" has a light cellulose base, which is beautifully tinte..


Type 13

Liquid wallpaper type 13 TM "Style" combines a unique and perfectly adjusted recipe, versa..


Type 14

In recent years, light, laconic interiors have become increasingly popular. And it's not just ab..


Type 15

The basic filler of liquid wallpaper type 15 TM "Style" is cellulose, which is obtained fr..


Type 16

Liquid wallpaper type 16 TM "Style" looks simple, concise and at the same time elegant and..


Type 17

Liquid wallpaper type 17 TM "Style" is a unique combination of calm elegance, practicality..


Type 18

The depth of the clear water of the ocean and the airiness of the heavenly heights are combined in l..