Design with rare tapestries

Design with rare tapestries
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Materials that have been actively used by homeowners for many years to furnish interiors, have recently been increasingly replaced by fashionable liquid wallpaper. Designs with liquid wallpaper attract more and more attention and cause more and more admiring glances.

The color of liquid wallpaper in interior design

The niche market offers a large selection of liquid coatings available in a wide range of colors. Let's consider the most used colors of the material.

White design liquid wallpaper   looks concise and well-maintained. This is the best option for decorating office space or apartments in high-tech or modern style.

white liquid wallpaper

Adherents of the classic style will like it. This decor looks relevant and calm at the same time. Pastel perfectly harmonizes with most of the other colored elements in the space.

liquid wallpapers of pastel color

Liquid wallpaper design in this color provides a bright accent in the interior decoration. The best solution for decorating rooms characterized by a lack of sunlight.

yellow liquid wallpaper in the nursery

walls green colors have a positive effect on the emotional sphere, provide a relaxing effect and give a positive charge.

green liquid wallpaper

The blue background is visually similar to the surface of the reservoir. It helps to refresh a well-lit room.

blue liquid wallpaper

In which style best fit lilac colors? Of course, in the design in the classic or Provence style.

lilac liquid wallpaper
Often, when designing interiors, several colors of the coating are combined. This allows you to give the space a visual volume or to emphasize certain elements of the decor. However, designers do not recommend using more than two colors at the same time, as this can lead to visual overload of the room.
Using material of different colors, you can create patterns and even whole paintings without seams and unnecessary lines. Art design created using liquid wallpaper looks really presentable.

How liquid wallpaper is combined with other materials

Cellulose liquid wallpaper and silk plaster in art design premises have been in trend for several years. Liquid wallpaper Style is a universal material that harmonizes well with wood, paper or vinyl wallpaper, and tiles.
Liquid wallpaper can look good in the design of a room with multi-textured stones. This is especially relevant when finishing the hallway to protect the corners from numerous damages. The combination of wallpaper with brick in loft spaces also looks very colorful.
The "Style" company has developed a line of high-quality liquid wallpapers . Their selected composition, special application technique and wide color palette of available options make it possible to create a new, exclusive design every time.

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