Ideas for rare tapestries

Ideas for rare tapestries
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Liquid wallpapers provide a wide field for experiments in the design of the interior space of an apartment or office. Let's consider the most relevant and creative ideas for liquid wallpaper.


We paint with liquid wallpaper

With this innovative material, you can not only cover the walls and ceilings of the premises. With them, you can draw patterns and whole compositions that turn the most ordinary design into a unique design. Read more about drawings with liquid wallpaper here.

drawing with liquid wallpaper

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Before starting artistic works, prepare the material and place.
  2. With a simple pencil, draw the contours of the future picture on the desired surface. If you are not sure that you can draw a complex picture, you can use stencils.
  3. Apply the prepared mass of the required color within the contours made.
  4. After the mass dries, join it with the material of the next shade to get a beautiful whole composition. At the same time, it is important to observe the same thickness of the patterns and all the details of the picture.
  5. To outline the outline of the picture more strongly, use a marker, decorative ribbons, or cords.
  6. If desired, decorate the composition with glitter, beads, beads and other decorative components.

liquid wallpaper in the nursery

When using liquid wallpaper ideas can be many. The main thing is imagination and good taste.

pattern in the nursery

We decorate multi-level ceilings with liquid wallpaper

In modern interiors, liquid wallpaper can often be seen on ceilings . Their use is especially relevant for multi-level models, which are problematic to process with paper wallpaper and other materials in order to exclude the appearance of bends, distortions and other undesirable defects. Ceilings with liquid wallpaper look solid and impeccably smooth.

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

Multi-level designs add visual volume to the room. And the variety of colors and textures allows you to give it any necessary accent. With the help of color, you can also create harmonious transitions between different levels of the ceiling and between the walls and the ceiling.

liquid wallpaper for the ceiling

Highly interesting ideas combining liquid wallpaper with a smoother, painted surface. So, for example, you can apply a liquid coating to the inside of the structure, and simply paint the box around the perimeter of the room.

We combine liquid wallpaper with other materials

Liquid wallpaper is a fairly neutral material. It harmonizes well with wood, paper and vinyl wallpaper, tiles, decorative stone. By improvising with decorative silk plaster, you can achieve very good results.

liquid wallpaper and decorative stone

For example, when decorating the interior of the bathroom, the walls surrounding the sinks and bathtubs can be covered with tiles, and the rest of the surface - with liquid wallpaper. In the hallway, the combination of liquid coatings and stones stylized as brickwork looks great. A stylish combination of liquid and photo wallpaper can transform the living room.

liquid wallpaper in the hallway

We hope you liked our options for decorating walls with liquid wallpaper. Go to the catalog of TM "Style" liquid wallpapers , choose the appropriate colors and create!

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