How and where to use liquid wallpaper: tricks and life hacks

How and where to use liquid wallpaper: tricks and life hacks
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This unique material is very different from other decorative materials traditionally used for interior decoration. It is characterized by original texture, application technology and performance. What is liquid wallpaper and how to use it?

Where can liquid wallpaper be used?

The considered decorative coating has a very wide scope. We will tell you in detail how to use liquid wallpaper. They can be applied to walls and ceilings of residential and non-residential premises.

Examples of the appropriate use of liquid wallpaper:

  • In new buildings

Shrinkage is typical for all houses in the first years after construction. Walls with a liquid coating applied to them do not need to be re-repaired.

  • In rooms without permanent heating

We are talking, first of all, about summer buildings, as well as balconies, loggias, unheated verandas. This material perfectly tolerates temperature changes. By the way, for the same reason, it can also be used in places with high temperatures: liquid wallpaper behind the battery will not lag behind and will retain a presentable appearance for a long time.

  • In rooms with imperfect walls

All wall defects (cracks, curvature, potholes, dents) are easily masked with a layer of liquid wallpaper.

  • In rooms with high humidity

Answering this question, it is worth noting that this material has excellent moisture-absorbing and vapor-permeable characteristics. This makes it the best option for finishing surfaces in bathrooms and simply damp buildings. You can no longer worry about a constantly misted mirror and even mold on the walls. The only caveat: when used in the bathroom, it is recommended to cover the wallpaper with a transparent acrylic varnish, which will make it impossible to soak under the influence of water.

Liquid wallpaper care tricks

liquid wallpaper care Many people ask how to care for liquid wallpaper. Experts confidently assert that this material does not need any special care. It is anti-static and repels dust. In case of urgent need, the walls can be gently vacuumed.

It is strictly forbidden to wash the liquid coating, as it soaks from moisture. But the contaminated area can be removed by soaking it with slightly warm water. After that, using a freshly prepared composition, you can restore the wallpaper layer.

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