Combine rare trellis with decorative stone

Combine rare trellis with decorative stone
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So that the house always pleases with its original design, and the renovation does not get boring after a few months, you should learn to correctly combine finishing materials. Today we will talk about options for combining liquid wallpaper with decorative stone.

liquid wallpaper with a decorative stone

Rules for combining wallpaper and stone

First of all, it should be noted that both textile covering and stone provide designers with wide opportunities in interior design. The main thing is to remember a few nuances.

  1. Liquid wallpaper and decorative stone will look impressive in the corridor, hallway and living room.
  2. Both natural and artificial stone are suitable for creating a presentable design.
  3. Stone is the best option for processing corners. They can also decorate part of the wall. A textile coating is applied to other surfaces.
  4. It is important to ensure smooth transitions in the palette and use liquid wallpapers of muted tones.
  5. Drawings and geometric patterns on the wallpaper in this case are inappropriate, since the main feature in such an interior is stone.
  6. To visually expand the space, it is recommended to use a light stone stylized as quartz, marble, pebbles and granite, and wallpaper in pastel colors.
  7. It is worth choosing milky, white, yellow liquid wallpaper under a dark decorative stone.

In our catalog you will easily find liquid wallpaper of the exact color that will fit perfectly into your interior.

liquid wallpaper with a decorative stone

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