Finishing the loggia and balcony with liquid wallpaper

Finishing the loggia and balcony with liquid wallpaper
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The presence of a balcony or loggia today will not surprise anyone. Each modern apartment provides for the presence of this small room. Due to the small size, each apartment owner is interested in making this room as comfortable, functional and beautiful as possible. Therefore, balconies are often equipped with built-in lockers, comfortable upholstered furniture and other attributes that create comfortable conditions for relaxation. Naturally, all this is carried out after the completion of the finishing work. And what kind of decoration can be used on the balcony?

liquid wallpaper on the balcony

Of all the known and familiar materials that are suitable for unheated spaces, several decorative finishes are in particular demand. These are acrylic paint, PVC panels, wooden lining, decorative stone, ceramic tiles, cork, bamboo, and liquid wallpaper - a new generation of universal finishing material, the benefits of which for balconies and loggias will be discussed in more detail in this article.

Liquid wallpaper on the balcony

Why liquid wallpaper is suitable for decorating a loggia and a balcony?

The list of benefits should include:

  • safety and environmental friendliness - the material does not cause allergies, does not emit hazardous chemical compounds;
  • fire safety, antistatic properties, resistance to ultraviolet rays;
  • excellent heat and sound insulation performance;
  • not afraid of temperature changes - suitable even for unheated rooms;
  • resistance to mechanical damage, practicality and durability (according to the manufacturer, the service life is 15 years or even more);
  • the ability to perform local repairs of damaged areas (scratches, chips, stains);
  • visual hiding of small defects (the mixture fills small cracks, smoothes out differences);
  • aesthetic appearance, as well as the ability to decorate the walls on the balcony with drawings, patterns or panels on the walls and ceiling;
  • ease of application - unlike rolled canvases, liquid wallpaper on the balcony and loggia does not need to be glued. Even a beginner can handle the work on finishing the surface of walls and ceilings.

Liquid wallpaper on the loggia

Liquid wallpaper on the loggia is the best option that will reveal the potential of even a small room

Do you want to turn your balcony into a stylish and functional space? Thanks to the decorative finish of liquid wallpaper, your balcony or loggia will become a cozy place for a pleasant time. liquid wallpaper on the balcony conducting.

Liquid wallpaper for the balcony is sold on the website of the Style company in 1 kg plastic bags. A wide color palette of mixtures will allow each buyer to choose the best option in accordance with the idea and personal preferences.

liquid wallpaper on the balcony

Did you know that it is the color of the finish that shapes the atmosphere in the room? Indeed, the color of the walls determines what emotions you will experience while on the balcony. Some useful tips:

  • Dark surfaces attract light, light surfaces reflect. If the balcony is facing south and east, give preference to saturated colors of the finish. If the windows face north, then lighter pastel colors will do.
  • Color affects the mental state of a person - this also cannot be ignored. If red encourages action and activates, then shades of blue soothe, increase concentration. Yellow brings the nervous system into tone, orange promotes recovery and creativity. Green color stimulates mental activity, purple calms and inspires.
  • The combination of several shades will achieve the desired visual effect in the interior. White color is combined with any shade from the palette. Orange with green and brown, pink with beige, light blue with rich blue or gray.

Balcony liquid wallpaper decoration

So, if you already have a clear vision of the final result, there will be no problems with the implementation of the idea. Liquid wallpaper allows you to implement any design idea.

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