Why liquid wallpaper is the best option for schools

Why liquid wallpaper is the best option for schools
Ирина Кипа 2021.09.18 0 638

School plays an important role in the lives of modern children. Here they acquire knowledge, develop, make friends and communicate. Children spend a significant part of their time within the school walls. Therefore, it is so important to make the school space as comfortable, practical and safe as possible. And in many respects the success of this task depends on the choice of finishing materials. Recently, more and more new high-tech materials, such as liquid wallpaper, are being used to decorate the walls of school classrooms and other premises.

Liquid wallpaper at school

Security at the highest level

There are a large number of rules and regulations for the organization of construction and finishing processes in educational institutions. They are much stricter than the standards for other types of premises.

One of the main criteria is the implementation of sanitary regulations, which guarantees the absence of any threats to the health of students. Liquid wallpaper "Style" is an absolutely safe product of high quality, which is confirmed by the conclusion of the SES and other relevant authorities of Ukraine.

Liquid wallpaper at school

This is expressed as follows:

  • No toxic fumes. The material contains environmentally friendly components: cellulose, cotton, silk, acting as the basis; CMC glue obtained from recycled cellulose; textile additives (silk, yarn); glitter. Thanks to this almost completely natural composition, it does not emit any harmful substances into the air that can pollute the environment and cause allergic reactions in fragile children's organisms.
  • Fire hazard class KM3. This means that the material can be used even in rooms where a large number of people are planned to stay at the same time. It can withstand heating to high temperatures and only ignites when a certain threshold level is exceeded, but it does not burn, but smolders without spreading the flame. It is also worth mentioning some other fire-technical characteristics of liquid wallpaper: moderate smoke generation and the absence of the threat of releasing any harmful substances.

We do not forget about practicality and aesthetics

It is impossible not to note other properties and characteristics of liquid wallpaper, which, although not directly related to ensuring the safety of schoolchildren, still play an equally important role.

Liquid wallpaper in the classroom

We are talking, first of all, about easy maintenance and high maintainability of the material. The fact is that children, especially younger students, often unintentionally spoil the interior coatings in the classrooms, playing during breaks or, for example, actively waving brushes in drawing lessons.

And if many other finishing materials in this case are almost impossible to restore without a complete alteration, re-gluing, then deformed or contaminated areas of liquid wallpaper can be spot-restored. To do this, it is enough to soak them, remove the damaged coating and replace it with a new layer of material.

Liquid wallpaper at school

And the decorative value of liquid wallpaper is beyond praise. They do not form joints when applied, are available in a huge variety of colors and textures, and look very impressive on the wall. And, most interestingly, they allow you to “draw” beautiful patterns and even entire compositions on the wall. For elementary school, for example, bright images of letters, numbers, fairy-tale characters will be relevant. For middle and high school, you can choose some more serious thematic design.

In modern realities, when the entire civilized world is increasingly aware of the need and importance of conscious environmental behavior and strives to create an environmentally friendly environment around itself, liquid wallpaper can be recommended without a twinge of conscience for use in kindergartens and schools. And practicality and unique decorative qualities will be another weighty argument in favor of this innovative material.

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