Vchimosya correctly combine rare trellises

Vchimosya correctly combine rare trellises
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It often happens that, while preparing for renovation, we plan, think, carefully choose liquid coatings, color palette, but the final result somehow does not meet our expectations. The fact is that we do not know how to combine liquid wallpaper, what tones to use in one or another case. How not to make mistakes when decorating the interior? Let's consider the most interesting options for combining wallpapers.

a combination of different colors of liquid wallpaper

Dividing the wall into several parts

In this case, wallpapers of several basic tones are used. The material is combined in different ways.

liquid wallpaper

Types of division:

  • Horizontal

A dark or bright material is applied to the lower part, and a lighter one is applied to the upper part. In this way, you can decorate the walls in the hallway, corridor or on the balcony.

a combination of liquid wallpaper

  • Three zones in height

The lower, less wide, part is also covered with dark wallpaper, and the upper two are made wider and lighter. Such a combination of liquid wallpapers will visually increase the height of the ceilings. To further enhance the effect, you can apply a narrow strip of light wallpaper under the ceiling itself.

liquid wallpaper

liquid wallpaper

  • A horizontal strip in the center of the wall

The stripe is often brighter or darker in color and is designed at eye level. Photos, paintings, clocks and other decor elements are placed on it. A more saturated shade compared to other coatings allows you to focus on decorative items and visually expand the room. Therefore, this method of decoration is an ideal option for living rooms and children's rooms.

a panel of liquid wallpaper on the wall

  • Striped walls

In this way, you can design one or two walls. Stripes of wallpaper can be located horizontally or vertically. At the same time, wallpapers of two, three or more colors are used, which are selected so that, in addition to the color of the walls, these shades are duplicated somewhere in the interior. liquid striped wallpaper

Creating accents

This method of combining the colors of liquid wallpaper involves highlighting one wall, corners, niches or any other interior elements by covering them with material of a brighter or darker shade. We discussed how to create patterns and panels on the wall in the previous article.

liquid wallpaper

There are several main options:

  1. Covering the main wall with wallpaper of a rich contrasting color, and other walls with lighter wallpaper.
  2. Highlighting the accent wall with a slightly brighter tone compared to other surfaces.
  3. Accent coating of details.

liquid wallpaper

In the latter case, the walls are covered with wallpaper of one neutral shade, but the ledges, niches and other similar interior elements are treated with material of a brighter shade. Highlighting the contours of walls and corners visually expands the room. Such techniques with a colorful accent are most often found in interiors decorated in modern styles.

liquid wallpaper

When using liquid wallpaper, the combination can be very different. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and choose quality materials. In our catalog you will find liquid decorative coatings available in a wide color palette. You will easily be able to choose wallpapers of exactly the colors you need to bring your most creative ideas to life.

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