Liquid wallpaper: trendy colors and color combination secrets

Liquid wallpaper: trendy colors and color combination secrets
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Making out the interior space, you need not only focus on your preferences, but also adhere to some rules. Only in this way can you get a really high-quality result. An important role is played by the correct selection of colors of finishing materials. Today we will talk about the actual colors of liquid wallpaper and the rules of color in design, as well as get acquainted with the photo of liquid wallpaper of various colors in the interior.

light green liquid wallpaper

Basic rules for the selection of wallpaper colors in the interior

  • The color of liquid wallpaper is the base on which all subsequent interior design is based.
  • When combining colors, one should take into account their division into cold and warm colors.
  • Liquid coatings in warm tones add coziness to large spaces.
  • Cold tones visually expand small spaces.
  • When choosing a material for finishing the kitchen, do not forget that some colors stimulate appetite, while others, on the contrary, lower it.
  • The liquid wallpaper palette used to decorate the bedroom should promote moral and physical relaxation.
  • The color of liquid coatings for the living room should be to the liking of all household members.
  • It is worth choosing the colors of liquid wallpaper, focusing on the general style in which the design of the room is planned.

yellow liquid wallpaper

You can also use our liquid wallpaper combination selection tool . Choose two types of liquid wallpaper and see how they will be combined with each other, it is also possible to choose the color of the ceiling.

Liquid wallpaper combination serviceLiquid wallpaper combination serviceliquid wallpaper combination service

Liquid wallpaper combination service

Liquid wallpaper color and interior style

Each style is unique and is characterized only by its inherent color features. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the correspondences given in the table below.


liquid wallpaper colors


White wallpaper - the basis, combined with delicate beige, light yellow, light blue, calm blue and green shades


The combination of red, burgundy, dark blue or emerald green wallpaper with white and black


Sand, light yellow, brown, olive, light green wallpaper


Pink, purple, blue, milky, pearl, sand wallpaper

Baroque and Rococo

Combinations of white wallpaper with blue, yellow, pink, light green, pearl


The combination of brown, beige wallpaper with blue, green

High tech

Gray, metallic, white and black wallpapers, diluted with bright, but not acidic, red, blue, green splashes


Black and white wallpaper


White wallpaper with lemon, ultramarine, lime splashes


White wallpaper with bright orange, red, blue, green accents


Swamp, brown wallpaper


Light pink, warm yellow wallpaper

The laws of color when choosing the color of liquid wallpaper

liquid wallpaper colors

For a harmonious selection of colors for liquid wallpaper, you can use the color wheel model, the developer of which is the Swiss Johannes Itten. The model is divided into 12 sectors, each of which corresponds to a certain color:

  • 3 main (red, blue, yellow),
  • 3 additional, formed by mixing the main ones (green, orange, purple),
  • 6 tertiary, formed by mixing the main ones with additional ones.

Each color contains several shades, which are graduated from a light tone in the center to a dark one at the edge of the circle.

A separate group consists of neutral colors (white, black, gray, ivory, beige, brown). They can be safely combined with other colors from the circle, and with each other.

neutral color liquid wallpaper

A win-win option is liquid wallpaper in a neutral color as a background for brighter interior elements (furniture, textiles).

There are several reference schemes for combining colors in the design of the interior space. Let's consider them in detail.

  1. analog triad. The simplest scheme from a practical point of view. Suitable for people who are not too versed in the intricacies of design. Liquid wallpapers of 3 colors are used, which go one after another in the color wheel model.
  2. Complimentary combination. Colors that are at diametrically opposite ends of the circular pattern are called complementary. Liquid wallpaper of the same color plays the role of the base. The second color can emphasize certain elements of the interior.
  3. Contrasting triad. A bit similar to the previous scheme, but one of the colors is complemented by two neighboring sectors. Liquid wallpapers of these tones are selected, and a contrasting color is used to finish small details. Or, on the contrary, wallpapers of one color are the main ones, and the task of the other two colors is to create accents.
  4. Classic triad. Three colors are combined here, equidistant on a circular model. One color is the base. Bright liquid wallpaper of two other colors are used for accenting.
  5. Rectangular/square pattern. Two pairs of polar colors are used. In this case, it is worth assigning one color as the main one, and the remaining three as additional ones. The square scheme is a subspecies of the rectangular scheme, but the colors in the circular scheme are placed at an equal distance from each other.

Interiors that use liquid wallpaper in four or more colors are spectacular and interesting, but they can become tiring over time. Most of all, this option is suitable for oriental styles.

pink color liquid wallpaper

The company "Style" has developed a wide palette of cellulose and silk wallpapers , in which you can easily select colors that are in perfect harmony and blend with each other.

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