Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen
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The kitchen is literally a "sacred" place for any of our compatriots. Whether you live in a country house or a small city apartment, the kitchen is where you spend most of your time.

Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

It is at the kitchen table that the whole family gathers during breakfasts and dinners, where the latest rumors and news are discussed, and plans for the future are made. Culinary masterpieces are prepared in the kitchen, which diligent housewives are always happy to treat their friends and relatives.

in the kitchen

Despite the fact that usually the area of \u200b\u200bthe dining room in a standard city apartment is not very large, maintenance and repairs here need to be done regularly. In the kitchen, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail, from the arrangement of furniture to the choice of finishing materials.

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

It is on the choice of the latter that comfort and coziness, convenience and harmony in the room largely depend. Today, the choice of materials for wall decoration is quite wide, and it is not enough just to choose “beautiful” wallpapers - it is important that the coating is as functional as possible.

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

Modern wallpaper should be of high quality, stylish, easy to care for and easy to clean. They should not fade in the sun and change their characteristics in conditions of high humidity and temperature. Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen meets all these requirements.

Material Features

What are liquid wallpapers in the kitchen? This is one of the latest interior trends that is gaining popularity all over the world. Liquid wallpaper looks "liquid" only during the preparation of the mixture for application to the wall. In its usual form, it is a dry mixture of fibers, which contains only natural and environmentally friendly components.

Wall decoration in the kitchen with liquid wallpaper

Depending on the type and variety of wallpaper, the composition may include in various concentrations and volumes:

  • cellulose;
  • silk fibers;
  • CMC glue;
  • decorative components (sequins, glitters, and so on).

Liquid wallpaper for the kitchen is prepared quite simply before being applied to the walls: the mixture is diluted with water and thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency is reached. The material is applied to the prepared surfaces with a conventional spatula or roller, and you can always continue applying the next day: the new coating, after drying, will not differ in any way from yesterday's layer.

Brown liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

Features of use in the kitchen

After drying, liquid wallpaper in the kitchen is a very durable and resistant coating to any external influence. Is it possible to glue such material in the kitchen, because initially such material was not used in rooms with high humidity?

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

Of course, the coating has both its advantages and some disadvantages. In the original version, the wallpaper allows the walls to "breathe", allowing air to pass through perfectly, so they were actively used in the decoration of bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, and study rooms.

Is it possible to use liquid wallpaper in the kitchen with maximum efficiency? Yes, if, after drying, apply a special top coat of water-repellent varnish to the coating. In addition to improving the appearance (lacquer will give additional gloss), you can easily wash off any dirt on the wallpaper.

Light liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

In addition, the features of the coating application make it easy to repair damaged areas. To do this, using a clerical knife and a spatula, the damaged area of \u200b\u200bthe wallpaper is cut out, and the same composition is applied in its place. After drying, you will not notice any difference in color and texture.

Kitchen design with liquid wallpaper

Buying liquid wallpaper for the kitchen can be recommended to anyone who wants to add style and originality to their interior. The possibilities of this material are truly endless, especially if you combine several types of material for zoning spaces, as well as decorate the room with original drawings.

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

Drawings with liquid wallpaper in the kitchen can be of very different themes: all your imagination is used. It can be fabulous landscapes, trees, animals. You can also use a "kitchen" theme - cups of coffee, cakes and pastries, or write some kind of inspirational motto.

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

Drawing for the kitchen from liquid wallpaper can be an imitation of any natural material - stone, brickwork. It all depends on your imagination and the courage to fly a fantasy - if you wish, you can create real masterpieces using several types of wallpaper and correctly mounting light sources.

Some craftsmen use liquid wallpaper on the kitchen ceiling - this is a rather original solution that looks spectacular given the high ceilings and bright room. Whatever drawings you choose, the effect can exceed any of your expectations!

Liquid wallpaper: kitchen in gray tones

Liquid wallpaper from TM "Style" - your choice

Is liquid wallpaper suitable for your kitchen? Of course, if you choose a reliable manufacturer of such finishing materials. Building mixes from the Stil trademark are characterized exclusively on the positive side. Their advantages include:

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

  • ease and speed of preparation of the mixture for application to walls and ceilings;
  • a huge variety of colors and shades, the ability to use additional colors and decorative elements;
  • a wide range of applications in any type of premises (kitchens, bedrooms, nurseries, hallways, as well as unheated balconies and loggias);
  • resistance to fading, temperature extremes, mechanical stress;
  • maximum safety, hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness - after application, the coating does not cause allergic reactions;
  • breathability;
  • soundproofing;
  • exclusivity and originality of design;
  • the ability to combine several types of wallpaper;
  • elimination of all kinds of defects on the surface - cracks, chips, bumps.

The only thing worth remembering is the need for a topcoat with acrylic varnish so that the wallpaper can be easily washed and cleaned of dirt. This recommendation applies to areas near work surfaces (stove, sink).

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen


Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen, which customer reviews are mostly positive, is an innovative finishing material that gives your room comfort, coziness and at the same time emphasizes style and your taste.

liquid wallpaper in the kitchen

For application on walls, only a construction spatula is required - you can treat the surfaces in separate sections in several stages over several days. After drying, you will not notice the difference. Forget about traditional rolls, for which you need several meters for rolling and cutting, special glue, rollers, rags and precise calculation.

You do not need to worry about the quality of the joints between the strips or the consistency of the pattern - the application of liquid wallpaper is extremely simple and does not require special qualifications and building skills.

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