Liquid wallpaper in the children's room

Liquid wallpaper in the children's room
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The nursery can be considered the first personal space of the baby. Since the child spends a lot of time here, it is not so easy to plan the interior of the nursery, choose the finishes, furniture and paraphernalia.

liquid wallpaper in the children's room

Repair and interior planning in the nursery should be thought out to the smallest detail at the initial stage. It is important to take into account many nuances that will help create the most comfortable environment for the growth and development of the baby. It's simple: the aesthetics of the finish affects the formation of the right emotional atmosphere in the baby's room, while the color and texture of the finishing materials contribute to the development of imagination and his mental abilities. All samples of TM Style liquid wallpaper can be viewed here !

Liquid wallpaper Style in the nursery

Of the entire range of finishes, designers recommend giving preference to environmentally friendly and safe materials. These include paper rolls, as well as liquid wallpapers, which this article will discuss in more detail.

Liquid wallpaper in the nursery - an eco-friendly and practical finish

Liquid wallpaper TM "Style" is a dry mix based on cellulose, silk, dyes, glue and decorative elements. In an environmentally friendly way, liquid wallpaper for a children's room is the best option. The indisputable advantage of liquid wallpaper TM "Style" is the absence of harmful synthetic components in their composition.

Liquid wallpaper for baby photo

Types of liquid wallpaper in the nursery

Depending on the composition, cellulose liquid wallpaper for the nursery, silk and cellulose-silk are distinguished. In addition to the components, these types of mixtures are distinguished by a different decorative effect of the finished coating.

  • Cellulose liquid wallpaper creates a seamless matte finish on the surface with a slightly pronounced effect. Cellulose-based finishes have an average lifespan.
  • Silk plaster in the nursery is distinguished by its exquisite brilliance, resistance to moisture, and does not absorb odors. The material is durable, characterized by a long service life, has a beautiful appearance.
  • Cellulose silk. The ratio of cellulose and silk fibers in the cellulose-silk mixture is approximately 50 to 50.

Liquid wallpaper for nursery

About the benefits of using liquid wallpaper in the children's room

Liquid wallpaper TM "Style" has a lot of advantages. We list the most important of them.

  • Safety for humans and the environment. Mixtures of TM "Style" neither dry nor ready-made do not emit harmful substances, do not cause allergic reactions.
  • Heat and sound insulation. Liquid wallpaper absorbs noise and retains heat indoors.
  • The ability to pass moisture and air. The "breathable" coating contributes to the creation of a favorable microclimate in the child's room, protects against the formation of mold and fungus on the walls.
  • Antistatic properties (finish does not attract dust).
  • Beautiful appearance without seams and joints.
  • Ability to implement complex design ideas. Under the auspices of the Style trademark, liquid wallpapers are produced in a wide range of colors. This allows designers to create patterns, ornaments and panels of any complexity on the walls, depict fragments of favorite children's fairy tales, cartoons and poems.
  • Fast local repair. Very important for rooms where small children live. After all, fidget crumbs so often stain the walls.
  • Dry and wet cleaning. Depending on the composition, liquid wallpaper in the nursery can be dry and even wet cleaned. If it is planned to carry out wet cleaning in the room, we advise you to pay attention to silk blends. To increase the wear resistance of the cellulose finish, you can add decorative acrylic varnish to the prepared mixture at the rate of 1 liter per 20 square meters of area.

liquid wallpaper in the children's room

If we talk about the shortcomings of the material, then the minuses can only be attributed to its price. Although, when compared with other types of finishes, the price of liquid wallpaper TM "Style" is very affordable.

liquid wallpaper in the children's room

Liquid wallpaper in the children's room and photos of interiors

On the pages of the virtual catalog of products of TM "Style" there is a huge selection of ready-made solutions that will help inspire different design ideas. Liquid wallpaper of different colors is often used in nurseries for zoning, highlighting areas for games, study and recreation. The surface of the finished finish is warm, pleasant to the touch, delicate and velvety.

liquid wallpaper in the children's room

The tactile sensations that children experience when touching a rough surface delight the little ones. Kids love to touch the walls and even draw on them. And due to the fact that the surface is easy to repair, parents can put another plus in favor of this type of finish.

Liquid wallpaper in the nursery

Liquid wallpaper in the nursery in the photo in our catalog is an indisputable proof that this type of finish allows you to plan and place any pattern, pattern and ornament on the walls. Even if you have nothing to do with drawing. All that needs to be done is to competently apply the contours of the pattern and ornament to the prepared surface, respecting the dimensions of the image. And then apply decorative colored layers, maintaining their sequence.

What wall color is suitable for a child's room?

On the technical side, choosing the color of the walls for the nursery is not at all difficult. It is much more difficult to determine the appropriate color according to psychological parameters. The color scheme should carry positive emotions, soothe.

  • To decorate a baby's room under the age of 3 years, liquid wallpaper in pastel shades is suitable. Calm three-dimensional drawings on a light background (for example, the image of a giraffe, turtle, lion cub, flowers and leaves) will not cause unnecessary anxiety, will not disturb your sleep.
  • We advise you to decorate the preschooler's room in brighter colors with thematic drawings on the walls, which would broaden the horizons of the fidget and prepare him for school (letters and numbers, favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons, animals and plants). For girls, you can decorate the room in traditional pink colors with the image of princesses, bunnies, bears and ponies. The boys will also like the walls in blue tones with the image of a sailboat on the waves, cars, Smurfs or SpongeBob.
  • Teenagers will certainly appreciate the picture of liquid wallpaper, made in accordance with the hobbies of teenagers - sports, technology, starry sky. In particular, the combination of live wallpapers with photo wallpapers-posters of idols of modern youth looks unusual and stylish in the interior of a teenager's room.

Drawing with liquid wallpaper in the nursery

As you can see, the success of the interior design of a children's room largely depends on the aesthetic data of the finishing material. After all, kids from an early age learn the world through everything that surrounds them. Therefore, when planning the decoration of the walls in the children's room with liquid wallpaper, stick to the positive in design and plot. And you will certainly succeed!

liquid wallpaper in the children's room

liquid wallpaper in the children's room

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