Liquid wallpaper in the hallway

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway
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It would seem that an ordinary entrance hall is a small room, it does not carry special importance in interior design. But for some reason, designers pay special attention to decorating hallways and corridors. The explanation for this is simple: the first impression of the tastes of the owners of the home is formed precisely from the hallway.

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway and corridor

Liquid wallpaper for the hallway - beautiful and practical

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway demonstrates the aesthetic appeal, versatility and practicality of this material. Decorative finish is significantly different from the usual roll wallpaper. You can see high-quality liquid wallpaper in our online catalog with very pleasant prices from 22 UAH/m2. To give greater wear resistance, you can use a transparent acrylic varnish, which is applied after the surface has completely dried.

Also an important role is played by the possibility of local repairs, for example, where obyv is placed. The coating can be restored, which will delay the onset of the next repair

Silk plaster in the hallway

liquid wallpaper in the hallway

The unique properties of liquid wallpaper in the hallway cannot be underestimated:

  • seamless coating;
  • simple application. The process does not require experience or special skills - even a beginner can handle the work;
  • excellent sound insulation, which is provided due to the finely porous structure of the coating;
  • good thermal insulation (provided due to the hygroscopicity of the texture);
  • environmental friendliness and safety. The components that make up the mixture do not emit harmful substances;
  • antistatic properties (due to the neutral electrical charge of the components of the mixture, liquid wallpaper in the hallway does not attract dust, dirt, does not cause allergies);
  • leveling properties (the ability to hide small irregularities and differences in the walls);
  • fast local repair. Any abrasion, dirt, scratch on liquid wallpaper is easily and simply eliminated. In this case, there is no need to change the entire coating - it is enough to treat the area with water (you can use a sponge, a spray gun), carefully cut out the damaged part of the wallpaper with a knife, and put new material in its place. After the mixture dries, there will be no traces of repair on the coating at all;
  • wear resistance. Liquid wallpaper in the hallway design is a practical and durable finish. The material does not fade in the sun, it is easy to care for it (you cannot wash it, but you can vacuum it).

liquid wallpaper in the hallway

Due to the finely porous structure, the decorative coating is not afraid of temperature changes. That is why liquid wallpaper for the hallway (or any other room where there are no heating elements) can be considered an ideal option.

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway design

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway in the photo

A variety of examples of design solutions will allow you to create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and harmony in any room.

Finishing the hallway with liquid wallpaper

A few professional tips from experienced professionals to note:

  • In a wide room with a high ceiling, try the horizontal division method. To “lengthen” a visually wide room, it is enough to cover the lower part of the walls with dark wallpaper, and decorate the upper part in lighter shades.
  • By combining liquid wallpaper with other types of finishing materials, you can create an original and stylish hallway design. Indeed, the embossed, pleasant to the touch surface of the decorative finish goes well with natural wood panels, natural and artificial stone, and cork wallpaper.
  • Space zoning. Patterns and drawings created with liquid wallpaper focus the visitor's attention on certain elements or areas.

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