Liquid wallpaper in the toilet: pros and cons, secrets and tips

Liquid wallpaper in the toilet: pros and cons, secrets and tips
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When planning the repair of an apartment or house, you should responsibly approach the issue of choosing materials for finishing all rooms, without exception. The toilet takes up relatively little space, it is difficult to design it stylishly and at the same time conveniently. But liquid wallpaper for the toilet help solve this problem.

Benefits of using textile coverings in the toilet

  • Uncomplicated preparation. Often in the bathrooms the walls are not quite even. The liquid wallpaper fills cracks, perfectly masks all other flaws. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of effort, time and money on leveling surfaces before their subsequent finishing.
  • Ease of application. In most apartments in our country, as already mentioned, rather small rooms are allocated for toilets. It is very difficult to work with them. But the process of applying textile coatings is not particularly complex. It does not require the use of bulky tools and fixtures, in more detail about applying liquid wallpaper .
  • Finishing protruding parts. In toilets, there are often different boxes designed to visually cover pipes, cabinets and other similar interior elements. Finishing all surfaces with other materials in this case is very problematic. But liquid wallpaper perfectly cope with this task.
  • Ecological purity. Textile coverings do not emit any harmful substances into the air, which is very important for the limited space of the toilet.
  • Vapor permeability. The special porous structure of the material helps it "breathe" and create a favorable microclimate in the room.
  • Noise isolation. Liquid wallpaper in the toilet drowns out sounds, allowing you and your household to feel as comfortable as possible in any situation.
  • Spot recovery. If you have a small child or a playful pet, sooner or later they will decide to "experiment" with your new wallpaper. The possibility of local repair will help you easily neutralize the consequences of such experiments.

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Recommendations for decorating the interior of the toilet

With the help of textile coverings of light shades, you can visually expand the room. A win-win option is all shades of blue. The decoration of three walls with blue wallpaper and the creation of an accent on the fourth wall by applying a “silver” coating look very interesting and impressive.

Designers recommend not to be afraid to combine silk plaster in the toilet with tiles or mosaics. The main thing is not to forget about the basic rules of color when decorating interiors, read here .

The Style catalog contains liquid wallpapers of various colors, among which you can easily choose the most suitable options for decorating toilets. The quality of materials will pleasantly surprise you with its high level, and the price - democratic.

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