How to apply liquid wallpaper on a wooden surface?

How to apply liquid wallpaper on a wooden surface?
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Applying liquid wallpaper to concrete and plasterboard walls is a fairly common trend in design. But there is very little information about applying to wooden walls. Indeed, in the general instructions for use, you can find very little information. Of course, for a person who plans repairs in the country, this is not enough. I would like the topic to be as open as possible. That is why our article on applying liquid wallpaper to wooden surfaces, osb boards and plywood contains answers to all questions. To begin with, let us remind the reader about the properties of the material.

Liquid wallpaper on a wooden surface

Liquid wallpaper: what it looks like, what composition

Decorative finishing material is a dry friable mixture in a plastic bag packed in 1 kg. Due to the unique composition of the mixture TM "Style" have a lot of useful properties. The basis is CMC glue, cellulose and textile (silk) fibers. Depending on the predominance of certain fibers in the composition, liquid wallpaper is divided into cellulose, silk (also known as silk plaster) and cellulose-silk. Additionally, the dry mixture may include dyes, as well as various decorative elements (reinforcing threads of synthetic fibers, glitters from mica or foil). The range of liquid wallpaper TM "Style" can be found here .

Liquid wallpaper in the country

Properties of liquid wallpaper

Compared to other finishing materials, liquid wallpaper has several advantages:

  • environmental friendliness (natural composition);
  • versatility - the material can be used in heated and unheated rooms for interior decoration of balconies, country houses. That is, it is possible to apply liquid wallpaper on a wooden surface, on OSB-boards, plywood and even metal.
  • Seamlessness of the coating (finished surface without joints and seams).
  • Plastic. The material perfectly hides minor surface defects.
  • Ease of application. To work, you only need a plastic semi-terre.
  • Antistatic properties (liquid wallpaper on osb does not attract dust, does not accumulate a harmful static charge).
  • Local repair. Individual damaged areas are easily restored without the need to remove the entire coating.

How to apply liquid wallpaper on OSB How to stick liquid wallpaper on a wooden surface, osb board or plywood?

Before applying liquid wallpaper on osb, it is necessary to prepare the surface. Dismantle all elements from the walls - shelves, brackets, cornices and even hardware. All attributes that are not subject to installation (window sills, molding) are covered with polyethylene or sealed with masking tape.

How to carry liquid wallpaper on plywood

Wooden wall panels, OSB boards, plywood are surfaces that do not like contact with water. Without pre-treatment from moisture, the wooden walls will swell, the plywood will begin to warp. What to do?

Before applying liquid wallpaper to osb board, plywood or wood panel, the surface must be sanded, large fibers, burrs and splinters removed from it.

Further, experts recommend without fail to apply universal building enamel PF-115 on an alkyd basis or its analogue to the surface. Enamel will create a durable waterproof barrier on the wall. And only after the paint has completely dried, you can apply liquid wallpaper on a wooden panel.

Application of liquid wallpaper on wooden wall panels

To glue liquid wallpaper on plywood, wood or OSB-plate, you will need a plastic floor. Please note: it is not recommended to use a metal tool, because rust can appear on it from exposure to water, which will get into the mixture. As a result, red spots may appear on the finished surface.

In addition to hand tools, you will need a container for soaking the mixture (see the instructions for preparing the solution), a spray bottle, as well as a ladder or scaffolding for working at height.

  1. Pick up the required amount of material with a spatula and apply to the wall.
  2. Spread the composition over the surface with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm. Move from the corner from left to right, smoothing the material over the surface with rectilinear translational movements. Avoid continuous circular movements with the tool.
  3. Gaps and irregularities should be removed immediately while the surface is damp.

Liquid wallpaper for wooden walls

The drying time of the finish is 24-72 hours (depending on the humidity and air temperature in the room).

This article provides general guidelines for surface preparation and applying liquid wallpaper to wood, plywood or OSB. Following our advice, even a beginner without experience can handle the application of decorative finishes on wooden surfaces.

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