How to use liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

How to use liquid wallpaper on the ceiling
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Such a finishing material as liquid wallpaper is a fairly popular type of modern interior design. This finish combines aesthetics, low maintenance, practicality, high maintainability.

Hundreds of colors and textures allow you to use liquid wallpaper in any type of space, from kitchens to hallways and children's rooms. The most interesting thing is that in addition to the traditional surfaces for application - walls and partitions, liquid wallpaper is great for decorating the ceiling. What is liquid wallpaper , read the link.

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

Why the ceiling

Applying liquid wallpaper to the ceiling is quite easy if you follow the technology and use the appropriate tool. The choice of the ceiling as the basis for such a finish is not accidental, because many owners of houses and apartments are constantly looking for new options for decorating their homes.

white liquid wallpaper for ceiling

Liquid wallpaper for the ceiling in this regard is a very good choice. They are plastic, which allows them to be used even for the most difficult surfaces (plasterboard ceilings in several levels, for example).

In addition, liquid wallpaper on the ceiling is perfectly combined with other finishes. The main advantage of such a coating on the ceiling is a monolithic texture and the complete absence of joints, as well as the ability to “hide” minor defects in the form of cracks at the joints of floor slabs, for example.

White liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

Liquid wallpaper on the ceiling, the price of which in our company Style starts from 25 UAH/m2, is supplied with glitter. This is a shine that, after applying and drying the mixture, begins to sparkle and shimmer in the light from chandeliers and spotlights.

You can get acquainted with the prices of liquid wallpaper in our catalog.

What rooms are suitable for decoration with liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

The ceiling with liquid wallpaper can be decorated in almost any room in your house or apartment. The only thing to remember is that the walls should also be decorated with this type of finish for the aesthetics of the exterior.

Relevant liquid wallpaper on an uneven ceiling, which is often found in old houses in many rooms. Such a finish can be applied in heated and unheated rooms, therefore, in addition to traditional living quarters (kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms), this decor is applied:

  • in the pantry;
  • in the hallways;
  • on balconies and loggias.

Even such “wet” places as the kitchen or bathroom can be used for decorating with this type of finishing material. The only thing to remember in this case: liquid wallpaper is hygroscopic, so special colorless acrylic varnish is added to the mixture before application.

Liquid wallpaper on plasterboard ceiling

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

How beautiful to decorate the ceiling with liquid wallpaper

Applying liquid wallpaper to the ceiling is possible only on a previously prepared surface. It should be as smooth and primed as possible. All minor defects in the form of cracks, chips, irregularities will be smoothed and masked after applying the finished mixture.

Liquid wallpaper for the ceiling

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

The ceiling of liquid wallpaper can be made in a solid color or in a gradient of shades. The combination of several colors can be beaten in different ways, achieving a spectacular result. For example, if you have a multi-level plasterboard ceiling, each level can be painted in different shades of the same color to emphasize the depth of the structure or smooth transitions.

How to prepare the surface? The procedure is no different from that used for wallpapering walls. The surface is cleaned of any type of dirt, old plaster and finishes, grease stains, salt stains, lime, rust.

To remove rust, it is better to use a weak solution of phosphoric acid, and grease stains come off perfectly after using a solution of soda, laundry soap and ordinary liquid dish detergent. Limescale can be removed with vinegar or whitewash.

After cleaning, the ceiling is puttied, large gaps and cracks are sealed, as well as seams between the floor panels. Which type of plaster to choose? A moisture-resistant option based on a polymer composition is best suited.

If you want the liquid wallpaper ceiling to look as bright and saturated as possible, before applying the finishing material, it is necessary to paint the surface with white water-based paint in two layers. Next, a colorless deep penetration primer is applied until completely dry.

Tips & Tricks

Finishing the ceiling with liquid wallpaper will be as effective as possible if you follow certain rules and recommendations. Style company experts advise to follow important nuances, including:

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

  • When preparing a mixture for ceiling application, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, which are indicated on the package. The correct consistency of the mixture and its saturation with moisture in the required volume are very important. To do this, you need to follow the sequence of preparing the mixture, adding water of a certain temperature and giving time for saturation.
  • The ceiling of liquid wallpaper can have a different texture of the decorative coating, which is determined by the method of applying a wet mixture. Depending on the type of wallpaper, fine or large fibers may predominate in the mixture. In the first case, you can apply and level the mixture in any direction and in a circle, in the second case, it is advisable to stick to one direction for texture uniformity.
  • Liquid wallpaper is applied after the ceilings are completely decorated: you must first glue moldings, rosettes, plinths, and then proceed to decorate with liquid wallpaper. On already dried wallpaper, decorative elements will not hold firmly due to the porous structure.
  • The liquid ceiling is applied with a plastic grater or a special trowel.
  • It is advisable to decorate the entire ceiling in one go, while the mixture can be prepared several times as it is spent.

Finishing plasterboard ceiling with liquid wallpaper

liquid wallpaper on the ceiling

After finishing the application of the finish, it remains only to wait for the moment of complete drying of the surface. It is desirable to close the room to avoid drafts and temperature changes.

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