How to repair a damaged area on liquid wallpaper?

How to repair a damaged area on liquid wallpaper?
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Repair is a very entertaining event that accompanies a person throughout his life. Even if you made a major overhaul in the apartment, even if you thought through everything to the smallest detail and used high-quality building materials with the expectation that they will delight you with their impeccable appearance for many years, in a year (at best, in a couple of years) something will have to be plastered , glue or paint. After all, it often happens that, due to negligence, when moving furniture, a section of the wall was touched and chips appeared. Pets like to scratch wallpapers. In the kitchen there are greasy spots, in the nursery there are walls painted with felt-tip pens or paints.

How to remove scratches on liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper is a relatively new and inexpensive finishing material that combines the best qualities of traditional rolled wallpaper and textured plaster. On the walls covered with liquid wallpaper, a solid monolithic coating is formed without joints and seams. The textured surface is "warm" pleasant to the touch. Naturally, this is not all the positive properties of the finish. In this article, we will talk in more detail about how to repair liquid wallpaper at home.

Liquid wallpaper repair: how to prepare a solution?

Decorative trim TM "Style" is sold dry in 1 kg packing. The price of liquid wallpaper starts from 25 UAH per 1 sq.m (minimum 90 UAH per pack). Preparation of the solution takes literally 10-15 minutes, but before application, you need to wait a while for the mixture to infuse (about 8-10 hours).

How to prepare a solution of liquid wallpaper

A few important points to note:

  • Mix well before adding water.
  • The water should be warm (ideally 50-65 degrees).
  • The amount of water for different wallpapers is different. 5.5-6 liters of warm water must be added to the mixture based on cellulose fibers, and 4.5-5 liters will be needed for silk plaster.
  • Mix with your hands. Be careful that there are no dry lumps in the solution.
  • Pour the finished mixture into a bag, close tightly and leave for tincture for 8-10 hours.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly with your hands before application.

Applying the material to the surface

Having chosen liquid wallpaper as a finish, even a beginner will do the repair with his own hands. It is important to understand that only a previously prepared surface should be covered with this material. That is, the walls must be clean, dry, white, without stains and protruding metal elements (hardware).

If there is lagging plaster, whitewash, wallpaper residues on the surface, everything must be removed, the walls should be sanded and puttied. To create a protective barrier on the wall that will prevent the penetration of moisture, the surface is covered with primer (for more information about primer mixtures, see the instructions for applying liquid wallpaper on our website).

Liquid wallpaper repair

The tool with which liquid wallpaper is applied (renovation of an apartment can be planned at any time of the year) is called a semi-ter. The same tool is used to distribute the mixture over the surface of walls and ceilings. The plastic floor should be held at an angle of 20 degrees from the wall, and cover the surface from left to right, performing rectilinear movements.

How to fix damage on liquid wallpaper?

How to eliminate scuffs from furniture, children's pranks, pet scratches? Liquid wallpaper allows you to restore the damaged area of the coating without violating the integrity of the finish. To make repairs (liquid wallpaper is a plastic material, it is very convenient to work with it), arm yourself with a sprayer and a plastic spatula.

How to remove a stain on liquid wallpaper

  1. Spray a sufficient amount of water on the damaged area. After 15 minutes, check the area - the surface should become soft and more plastic.
  2. Carefully remove the damaged area with a spatula.
  3. Cover the repaired area with primer.
  4. To repair the damaged area, liquid wallpaper that remains after the repair is suitable. You can also use the cut material by soaking it.
  5. The damaged area is patched with a plastic spatula. If everything is done correctly, then after drying, there are no seams on the repaired area.

How to repair damaged liquid wallpaper

On a note: liquid wallpaper repair of a contaminated area should be carried out with a new material. And it is better to throw away the cut out areas with spots.

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