How to apply patterns and drawings on the walls with liquid wallpaper?

How to apply patterns and drawings on the walls with liquid wallpaper?
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Are you planning to decorate the walls with liquid wallpaper in such a way as to create a unique design in the bedroom, nursery or kitchen? Creating patterns and drawings with liquid wallpaper is a very good decor option.

Liquid wallpaper with a photo pattern

Perhaps someone will say that liquid wallpaper is a boring and monotonous type of finish. However, our article will dispel all doubts and convince you of the opposite. After all, it is enough to arm yourself with a creative approach, the right tool and a drop of patience, as original patterns, prints and drawings with liquid wallpaper will come to life on the walls of your rooms.

Wall preparation

Preparatory work before applying even the simplest pattern to the wall includes:

  • removal of remnants of old finishes (wallpaper, plaster),
  • treatment with an antiseptic and waterproofing agent,
  • putty and primer walls.

Important: the work surface on which it is planned to make paintings with liquid wallpaper must be perfectly smooth, white and without flaws.

In the process of preparatory measures, it is also important to follow the recommendations for preparing the solution (see the instructions on the packaging of the mixtures).

patterned silk plaster

Remember: in order for the drawings with liquid wallpaper on the surface of the walls to harmoniously fit into the interior of the space, try not to overdo it with the diversity of patterns and accents.

What tools are used in the process of applying liquid wallpaper to the walls?

To create drawings and patterns from liquid wallpaper on the walls, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • plastic trowel - a tool that is necessary to correctly limit the contours of the image;
  • a small plastic semi-ter for uniform distribution of the mixture in separate areas;
  • stencils (preferably plastic, because paper ones get wet quickly).

How to draw a picture with liquid wallpaper?

Drawing liquid wallpaper with patterns on the walls is carried out according to a sketch or using a stencil. In the first case, the image is applied to the surface to be decorated with a simple pencil, drawing contours, small elements, marking its color on each part of the image.
Then the prepared mixture is applied to areas that are not adjacent to each other.

    do-it-yourself liquid wallpaper drawings

    To make drawings from liquid wallpaper look colorful and attractive, take note of a few useful tips:

    • contours of images should be formed with a spatula;
    • each next color is applied to the wall after the previous one has set. In this case, the individual elements of the pattern, which are covered with a finishing mixture at a time, should not adjoin each other;
    • after applying the finish until it dries completely, it is necessary to withstand a time of at least 24 hours. After drying, the details of the image are carefully leveled with a knife.

    Patterns on the walls of liquid wallpaper using special stencils should be applied to the finished finish (that is, it is the main photo). Fix the stencil to the wall with masking tape, spread the mixture in the slots, and then carefully peel the stencil from the wall.

    • Pictures from liquid wallpaper should be applied no earlier than 48 hours after applying the main background.
    • Adjacent areas cannot be processed immediately after applying the mixture, otherwise the lines of the drawing will not be clear and expressive.

    Examples of drawings with liquid wallpaper in the photo

    We will be glad if our article turns out to be not only useful, but also inspires the reader to create a beautiful and original interior in the living room, bedroom, nursery, balcony or kitchen. And examples of photos with drawings of liquid wallpaper on the walls and ceiling will help to realize any creative idea, and the process itself will bring pleasure and positive emotions.

    Drawing with liquid wallpaper in the bedroom

    And finally, a few tips from our experts:

    • Without artistic skills, it will not be easy to outline the image. But do not despair, an ordinary table lamp and glass can become a way out. With their help, you can create a projection-outline of a picture or a separate element of a pattern on the wall, and then simply outline the outline with a pencil.

    Drawings with liquid wallpaper in the corridor

    • If you want to visually enlarge the space, we advise you to give preference to mixtures in cold shades. Patterns and drawings on the walls of liquid wallpaper, decorated in warm colors, will fill the atmosphere in the room with warmth and light.

    Drawing liquid wallpaper on the wall in the hallway

    And to make the contours of the image clearer, use felt-tip pens.

    Good luck in all creative endeavors!

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