How to remove liquid wallpaper?

How to remove liquid wallpaper?
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Even the most stylish and sophisticated interior sometimes gets bored and needs to be updated. No matter how high-quality and expensive the finishing materials are, during operation their presentable appearance is lost, troubles appear on the surface in the form of scuffs and deep chips (how to repair the damaged area of liquid wallpaper is described in this article ) .

The need to remove the coating arises when the owners of the home want to refresh an outdated interior. In this article, we will tell you how to remove liquid wallpaper with the least labor costs.

There are several ways to dismantle the old finishing material. Regardless of which one you choose, preparatory work should be done before removing liquid wallpaper.

Preparatory work before removing liquid wallpaper

Room preparation

Dismantling liquid wallpaper is accompanied by a large amount of dust and debris. Therefore, the room must be prepared in the most careful way.

Preparing the room for the removal of liquid wallpaper

  • Move all furniture out of the room if possible. Wrap large and bulky furniture paraphernalia with construction film.
  • Protect doors, windows and window sills by wrapping them with construction film. The platbands from the doors must be removed, the flooring covered with a film, and the plinth with masking tape.
  • Remove the frames from sockets and switches, seal the holes in the walls with masking tape.
  • Wrap lamps, lamps, chandeliers with a thin film of polyethylene and fix.

How to remove liquid wallpaper with a spatula?

If the finish after application to the surface was not covered with paint or varnish, you can remove it from the wall or ceiling with water and a spatula. In the process of work, you will need a bucket or basin with warm water, a spatula, a scraper and a brush. Instead of a brush, you can use a spray bottle. By the way, in some hardware stores you can find on sale special liquids for dismantling liquid wallpaper.

Dismantling liquid wallpaper

Note: The finish will be easier and faster to remove from the wall if you add a little soap, dish detergent or shampoo to warm water.

  • Conditionally divide the surface into sections. Apply warm water to one area with a brush or spray gun so that the surface is well moistened.

Removing liquid wallpaper

  • After about 8-12 minutes, the wallpaper mass will be saturated with water, it will become elastic and pliable. Now take a small spatula and begin to carefully remove the material. With sufficient impregnation of old liquid wallpaper, removal is quite easy.

Removing liquid wallpaper

How to remove liquid wallpaper from the walls with a grinder?

You can quickly remove the old finish with a straight grinder. But there are two points that must be taken into account.

Removing liquid wallpaper with a tool

  1. Accumulation of dust in the room during dismantling. Therefore, be sure to use a respirator and special goggles to protect your eyes from dust.
  2. Removing old finishes with a sander requires experience and certain skills in working with power tools, stamina and physical strength.

Removing liquid wallpaper with a grinder

Reuse of liquid wallpaper

Dry mixes TM "Style" - a product that can be reused after removal. Just dry and pack the mixture in a plastic bag until you decide to use it again. You can reapply liquid wallpaper in the garage, in the country.

Note: in the process of reusing liquid wallpaper, part of the adhesive composition may go into the water. You can notice this by the composition, which does not adhere well to the surface. You can solve the problem by adding a little CMC glue to the re-mixing of the solution.

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