What tool is used to apply liquid wallpaper

What tool is used to apply liquid wallpaper
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More recently, liquid coatings were still a novelty in a niche market, and at that time there was no specialized tool for applying liquid wallpaper. The craftsmen had to experiment with the existing inventory in order to choose the most suitable option. To date, a number of devices are used for applying this decorative material. Among them, the most in demand is a grater or, in other words, a trowel for liquid wallpaper .

Material application specifics

To apply liquid coatings, you do not need to have any special skills. If necessary, you can learn how to do it correctly for 20 minutes. The most difficult thing is to evenly distribute the sticky viscous substance over the surface, which is obtained after diluting the mixture from the bag with water, in more detail in the instructions . A plastic grater for applying liquid wallpaper does an excellent job with this task.

semi-terre for applying liquid wallpaper

Features of using a grater when applying liquid wallpaper

The tool in question is often made of plastic and equipped with an L-shaped handle. Its surface should be smooth, which contributes to the sliding of a viscous mass from it.

Basic rules for applying using a grater:

  1. After applying the material to the surface, it should be rubbed along the plane with rectilinear movements.
  2. The tool must be at an angle of 20° relative to the surface.
  3. Rubbing should be done starting from the corner and moving from left to right.
  4. The thickness of the applied layer should vary within 1 - 1.5 mm.
  5. If the decoration of the walls in the room takes several days, then it is recommended that the walls be processed from corner to corner. This will prevent the appearance of visually noticeable joints at the borders.
  6. In hard-to-reach places, it is necessary to use a tool for liquid wallpaper of small sizes, carefully rubbing the material over the surface with it.
  7. After completion of work, it is worth carefully examining the coated surfaces in sunlight. The identified errors can be eliminated with a trowel by soaking the required areas.

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