Is it possible to paint liquid wallpaper and how to do it right

Is it possible to paint liquid wallpaper and how to do it right
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The popularity of liquid wallpaper is due to the external attractiveness of the material and the unlimited possibilities in interior design that it provides. However, some homeowners want to know how to paint liquid wallpaper and if it can be done at all. Let's look into this issue.

Do I need to paint wallpaper

According to experts, cellulose-based liquid wallpaper can be painted, but it should be decided how expedient it is to do this. There are several nuances.

  • Painted walls cease to "breathe" and pass steam, as a result of which the room turns into a thermos.
  • The material covered with paint loses its original texture, becomes more rigid, hard and cold when touched.
  • The unique coloring of the textile coating disappears, with glitter and other decorative additives.
  • After painting liquid wallpaper it will no longer be possible to remove them, if necessary, simply with warm water, since the structure of the material changes. In this situation, mechanical action with the help of special tools cannot be dispensed with.

On the other hand, many consumers who ask if liquid wallpaper can be painted simply like to make changes to the interior design of an apartment or house from time to time. And, it is worth noting that in this case, painting is fully justified.

liquid wallpaper in the living room

You will be able to change the color of the wallpaper to suit any style of interior, since today's niche market has a huge range of paints available in the widest color palette. At the same time, you can repaint the walls as many times as you want. And for this it is not necessary to invite a master repairman.

How and how to paint liquid wallpaper

To date, no paints have been developed that are intended for application to textile coatings. Common paints and varnishes are used, which can be found in any specialized store.

How to paint liquid wallpaper :

  • Water based paint. Often used for painting ceilings. It is sold ready-made. When thickened, it is diluted with plain water. It can be tinted (another pigment is added to white paint). Easy to apply, dries quickly. Financially available.
  • Water-dispersion acrylic paint. Wallpaper covered with it can be washed with household chemicals. The paint is not erased, is not afraid of temperature fluctuations. Easy to apply, dries quickly. It costs a little more.
  • latex paint. Gives liquid wallpaper strength, moisture resistance. Environmentally friendly. Economical, dries quickly. However, it does not tolerate temperature extremes very well and is susceptible to fungal microflora. Yes, and its cost is one level higher compared to previous options.
  • Silicone paint. Many experts agree that it is this paint that is most suitable for painting liquid wallpaper . The material continues to "breathe". In addition, it becomes moisture resistant, perfectly tolerates temperature fluctuations. It does not grow mold.

To paint liquid wallpaper, you can use a special roller or spray. The second method is more preferable, since the roller changes the original relief to a greater extent.

The Style company has developed a wide color palette of textile coverings, among which you can easily choose the most suitable option for yourself. If you wish, you can paint the wall over the wallpaper, but in this case, the manufacturer cannot give any guarantees.

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