Application of acrylic lacquer for rare tapestries

Application of acrylic lacquer for rare tapestries
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Liquid wallpaper is a unique material that has many advantages - environmental friendliness, durability, attractive appearance, variety of choices, ease of application. Its only drawback is that the surface cannot be washed . But you can fight with it, using acrylic varnish for the final finishing of the walls.

How to varnish liquid wallpaper

Customers are interested in whether liquid wallpaper can be washed. To answer this question, you must first understand the composition of the material. The following are used as the main raw materials:

  • cellulose;
  • textile fibers - silk, wool, cotton;
  • glue.

The dry mixture is diluted with water in the required ratio and transferred in a thin, even layer to the wall with a special plaster of paris. Such a surface cannot be washed . To get moisture-resistant liquid wallpaper, you will need acrylic varnish. You can buy it at a hardware store. Be sure to choose a transparent one.

Repairmen use two methods of processing. Varnish can be added to the prepared mixture before applying to the wall. The required volume of varnish is calculated according to the formula: 1 liter of varnish per 20 square meters. m of treated surface. When the wall dries, you will get liquid wallpaper resistant to wet cleaning . It should be understood that when adding varnish to the composition, its shade may change slightly and liquid wallpaper cannot be repaired.

Is it possible to wash liquid wallpaper?

To ensure even greater moisture resistance, liquid wallpaper can be coated with varnish . Wait for it to dry completely, and then paint them with acrylic varnish using a brush. With this application technology, you will need 1 liter of varnish for every 4 square meters. m of wall.

How to wash liquid wallpaper

This pre-treatment allows you to get rid of all the disadvantages of this material. You can use unusual wallpaper in any room. If dirt has appeared on the wall, it can be removed with an ordinary damp cloth. Liquid wallpapers are washed without using abrasive compounds.

Do not use brushes, sponges with a ribbed surface. They can damage the integrity of the coating. To preserve the attractive appearance of the surface for a long time, periodically wipe it from dust with a well-wrung wet cloth. If you have figured out how to wash liquid wallpapers, they will serve you for a long time. Suppliers of repair materials also offer related products. Ask to choose a suitable acrylic varnish to give the walls new properties.

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