Liquid wallpaper repair

Liquid wallpaper repair
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Liquid wallpaper is an interesting alternative to conventional vinyl or paper wallpapers. They are sold in the form of dry mixes weighing from 1 kg (depending on the product, series, manufacturer). Use liquid wallpaper for finishing ceilings and walls. The advantages of the material are much greater than the disadvantages - it does not contain harmful substances, is easy to apply, does not require complex preparation of the base, and hides minor defects. And the finished coating can be repaired locally - if you damage a certain area, it is easy to restore it without completely affecting the wall in the room. We will tell you how to repair liquid wallpaper, what is needed for this, whether the new coating will stand out from the general background.

Features of the repair of liquid wallpaper

In case of damage to ordinary wallpaper, they make a complete plywood of the walls or leave everything as it is. In theory, you can seal the damaged area with a roll from the stock, but the restored piece will be 99% conspicuous. Someone gets out of the situation by masking the problem area with a picture, an interior sticker or, for example, a chest of drawers. Repair of liquid wallpaper is possible and in this regard provides a wide space for creativity. If you damage a small section of the wall while moving, just restore it locally. Repair is simple, no need to use a complex set of tools. We'll tell you how to work.

The old finish must be removed if varnish was not used for fixing, it is extremely simple to carry out the work (the usual coating is soaked with water, the coating with a layer of varnish is removed mechanically).


  1. To repair liquid wallpaper, you need to remove the area that has become unusable. If it is dry, soak the coating with warm water . Immediately prepare a new composition for finishing the walls. Use plaster from the same collection that was previously taken, otherwise the repaired piece will be very different.
  2. It is recommended to use a plastic trowel for application. Your task is to create a new decorative layer in place of the damaged old one. To smooth the joints, the places where the wall coverings are applied are soaked and overwritten . If this is not done, the new coating will stand out with clear contours. It takes very little time to grout, so you should not ignore this stage of repairing liquid wallpaper. After complete drying of both layers, the difference between the repaired and the old coating is leveled.
  3. Before starting repairs, always accurately calculate the amount of building materials and make a small margin . In the future, if you need to repair liquid wallpaper with your own hands, you can do it in just half an hour, you will not look for a material of a suitable color for wall decoration.

liquid wallpaper repair

All the advantages of repairing an apartment with liquid wallpaper

Repair of liquid wallpaper in the apartment can be done with your own hands, without any problems, including with children. The coating will show you how easy to use, clean and non-toxic modern building materials can be.

Plasters with additional inclusions like glitter look very interesting, but you can choose the simplest option. Applying silk plaster incorrectly is almost impossible, and this is also its advantage. The price depends on the series, but in general it is available from 25 UAH/m 2 . Environmental friendliness of the coating is 100%, there are simply no harmful inclusions in it. Those who have chosen Style liquid wallpaper for renovation talk about their beauty, durability and aesthetics. The possibility of local restoration of individual sections is also on hand.

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