Liquid wallpaper: application technology

Liquid wallpaper: application technology
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Liquid wallpaper is very easy to use. To cover the walls with this material, no specific knowledge and skills are required. The main thing is to prepare the surfaces with high quality and, of course, adhere to the technology of applying liquid wallpaper.

Surface requirements

The walls or ceiling on which this decorative material will be applied should be white or similar in color to wallpaper, since liquid wallpaper is translucent to some extent. It is recommended to remove the old wallpaper remaining on the surfaces, whitewash, falling off putty. Surfaces should have a slightly rough relief, which makes application easier, and be primed. Read more in the instructions .

work with liquid wallpaper

The technology of liquid wallpaper provides for the following procedure for processing concrete and plasterboard surfaces:

  1. First, acrylic primer, transparent or white, is applied.
  2. Then comes the turn of the starting putty.
  3. After the putty dries, another layer of transparent or white primer is applied.

wall primer

Technique for using and applying liquid wallpaper

pour liquid wallpaper

Before starting the repair, the material is poured out of the bag into a container and gradually diluted with water heated to 40 - 50 degrees, in the required ratio. For cellulose and silk liquid wallpaper, the method of application is identical, but when diluted, a different amount of water is required.

add water

Then glitter is added to the diluted mass, after it - glue. When pouring glue, you need to make a funnel in the substance with the help of your hand, so that lumps will not appear in the material. Do not use a mixer, as it can destroy the fibers.

shuffle liquid wallpaper

The resulting substance is transferred back to the bag, which must be firmly tied. After 8-12 hours the material is ready for use.

let liquid wallpaper brew

The technique of applying liquid wallpaper can be learned in about 20 minutes. The greatest difficulty is to distribute the diluted adhesive mass with a layer of the same thickness over the entire surface, without gaps and bumps.

Consider the most common and proven application method :

  1. Apply the paste to the surface.
  2. Rub it on the plane with rectilinear movements, holding a special grater at an angle of 20 degrees relative to the surface.
  3. Wait until dry and smooth again, usually after 12 hours. During drying, the fibers may rise, it is necessary to smooth again.

liquid wallpaper technique

Experts recommend starting the application of the material from the corners and from left to right. The wallpaper layer should not be thicker than 1 - 1.5 mm. In large rooms, where the application of the coating can take several days, work should be carried out from corner to corner, without interrupting them in the middle of the surface. Otherwise, joints may be visible on the wall.

Having completed the application of liquid wallpaper using the technology described above, carefully examine the results of your work in daylight. Thus, you can detect flaws and errors, which can be corrected by simply soaking problem areas and walking over them again with a grater.

The company "Style" wishes you a pleasant repair!

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