Liquid wallpaper in Cherkasy

Liquid wallpaper in Cherkasy
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Are you looking for a fresh solution for your walls in Cherkasy? Liquid wallpaper from the Ukrainian manufacturer TM "Style" is a universal finishing material based on safe and environmentally friendly components. Finishing is suitable for covering different types of surfaces, both in residential and non-residential premises. You can buy liquid wallpaper in Cherkasy both in the construction stores of the city, and directly on the website of the manufacturer, that is, in our catalog .

Liquid wallpaper in the living room Cherkasy

Liquid wallpaper in Cherkasy: composition, finishing properties and prices

The popularity of liquid wallpaper has grown rapidly over the years. However, this material is still a mystery to many buyers. Liquid wallpaper has many advantages that other finishing materials cannot boast of. The most important advantage is environmental friendliness and safety. The fact is that the composition of the decorative finish includes absolutely harmless components that are odorless and do not emit hazardous substances.

Red liquid wallpaper in Cherkasy

Liquid wall-paper of the Ukrainian trade mark "Style" is dry mixes in plastic bags weighing 1 kg. Mixes are made on the basis of cotton, cellulose fibers, crushed rayon. The binder in the mixture is CMC glue, a product that is the result of processing wood chips. Therefore, liquid wallpaper is suitable for wall decoration in children's rooms.

Gray liquid wallpaper Cherkasy

Under the auspices of TM "Style", cellulose, silk and cellulose-silk wallpapers are produced today.

Drawings on the walls with liquid wallpaper Cherkasy

Due to the unique composition of the mixture TM "Style" have a lot of other positive properties. We list some of them:

  • Air permeability and hygroscopicity. Liquid wallpaper turns on the walls into a warm, pleasant to the touch and breathable coating, which contributes to the creation of a good microclimate in the room.
  • Aesthetics and ease of application. The decorative surface has no joints and seams. To apply the material to the surface, you need only one tool - a plastic semi-terre.

Application of liquid wallpaper Cherkasy

  • Plastic. Finishing can cover any surface, even with small differences. The mixture fills small cracks, visually smoothes and evens out curved surfaces. Due to the elasticity, the material will not peel off and will not crack from deformations during the shrinkage of the house.
  • Resistant to temperature extremes. Liquid wallpaper can be used in heated and unheated rooms (balconies, corridors, loggias, verandas, dachas).

Lilac liquid wallpaper Cherkasy

  • Durability. The service life of the coating declared by the manufacturer is on average about 15 years. Finishing is not afraid of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it can be used in rooms whose windows face the sunny side of the house.
  • Affordable cost. The price of mixtures based on cellulose starts from 22 UAH per 1 sq.m, silk - from 50 UAH per 1 sq.m. The cost of cellulose-silk decorative plaster will cost the buyer from 45 UAH per 1 sq.m. Discounts are available for orders over 10 kg. That is, for large orders, the price of liquid wallpaper with delivery to Cherkasy will be even lower, discounts are provided.

Liquid wallpaper in the nursery Cherkasy

  • Exclusivity. Do you want to create a stylish and unusual interior in the room? Liquid wallpaper is a unique material that allows you to depict landscapes, cartoon characters, floral ornaments and geometric ornaments on the walls.

Liquid wallpaper in Cherkasy inexpensively

Where to order liquid wallpaper in Cherkasy with delivery?

Cherkasy is a large city of regional significance. You can buy dry mixes in almost any hardware store. However, it is not a fact that even in a hypermarket there will be a large selection of decorative dry mixes from a specific manufacturer. And the buyer does not always have time to look for liquid wallpaper of a certain color.

Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the Cherkasy store

Our entire product line is displayed on the virtual shelves of our catalogue. A wide color palette of liquid wallpaper produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer "Style" satisfies the needs of our customers.

Beige liquid wallpaper Cherkasy

You can buy liquid wallpaper with delivery to Cherkasy by placing an order online through the basket, by phone or by sending a request to one of the company's messengers.

Addresses of branches of New mail in the city of Cherkasy:

branch number Address
Branch 1 st. Homenka 15
Branch 2 st. Chigirinskaya, 11/1
Branch 3 blvd. Shevchenko, 150
Branch 4 st. Gagarina, 77
Ward 5 st. Vyacheslav Galva (ran. Rudnev), 45
Ward 6 st. Volkova, 30
Ward 7 st. Sumgayitskaya, 33
Ward 8 st. Blagovestnaya, 379
Ward 9 st. Ostafiy Dashkevich, 34
Ward 10 st. Odessa, 8
Ward 11 st. Heavenly Hundred (wounded by Lenin), 6
Ward 12 st. Molotkova, 20
Ward 13 st. Priportovaya (early Ger.Stalin), 34 (SEC "Dnipro Plaza")
Ward 14 st. Shevchenko, 385
Ward 15 st. O. Dashkevich, 20
Ward 16 st. Nevsky A., 15
Ward 17 Department No. 17 (up to 30 kg per seat) st. Blagovestnaya, 269/4
Ward 22 blvd. Taras Shevchenko, 207 (House of Trade)
Ward 23 st. Smilyanskaya, 163
Ward 24 st. Shevchenko, 352 (mage."Brain")

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