Liquid wallpaper in the Dnieper

Liquid wallpaper in the Dnieper
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Are you looking for an inexpensive material for decorating an office space, a cafe, a bedroom, a living room, a loggia and a balcony? Today, liquid wallpaper in Dnepropetrovsk is a versatile, practical and inexpensive finishing option.

Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the living room in the Dnieper

Why liquid wallpaper is so popular in Dnipro?

To answer this question, consider the main advantages of decorative finishes. These include:

  • Excellent appearance. Homogeneous structure, warm and pleasant to the touch.
  • Ease of restoration of damaged coating (scratches, chips, various kinds of contamination). Damaged wallpaper is easy to restore on your own, without resorting to the services of a master. In this case, there is no need to remove the entire coating layer and re-paste (as is usually the case with ordinary roll wallpaper).
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties. Walls covered with this type of decorative finish are warm. Despite the temperature of the air outside the room inside, the cold is not felt at all.
  • Antistatic properties. After all, this material does not attract dust, it is easy to care for it (dry cleaning is acceptable, you can use a vacuum cleaner). Please note: since the finish has the ability to absorb and accumulate moisture, it is not recommended to wash liquid wallpaper. But this can be dealt with by covering the finish with acrylic varnish.
  • The covering does not burn out on the sun, perfectly transfers temperature difference.
  • Easy installation. Even a beginner can cope with finishing work. The main thing is to have a desire, a little patience and everything will definitely work out.

How to apply liquid wallpaper on the walls of a master from the Dnieper

Where to buy liquid wallpaper in the Dnieper?

Dry mixes in bags are sold in many hardware stores in our country. True, buyers are not always pleased with the choice of colors and shades. The fact is that small hardware stores cannot afford to present the entire range of colors on their shelves.

What liquid mustard-colored wallpaper looks like on the walls in Dnepropetrovsk

Alternatively, you can buy liquid wallpaper in the Dnieper in a large construction hypermarket or order it on the website of TM "Stil" . By the way, ordering liquid wallpaper from us, you get high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe products directly from the manufacturer at very competitive prices.

What is the price of liquid wallpaper with delivery?

The cost of finishing, mainly depends on the composition of the mixture. For those who are planning to renovate their home, country house or office, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a wide range of mixtures presented on the virtual pages of our catalog (more than 200 samples).

Lilac liquid wallpaper in the interior in the Dnieper

We can place an order for liquid wallpaper with delivery to the Dnieper or any other city in the country in an amount of 1 kg. The price of cellulose wallpaper is from 22 UAH per sq.m. , cellulose and silk wallpaper - 40-55 UAH, silk - 55-70 UAH . For orders over 10 kg we offer a 10% discount.

Delivery of liquid wallpaper to the Dnieper is carried out by proven transport companies: New Mail and UkrPoshta.

Green liquid wallpaper on the walls in Dnepropetrovsk

If you have any questions, the sellers of our store are ready to provide all the necessary information on different types of mixtures, and if necessary, choose liquid wallpaper in accordance with your personal preferences in color, texture, wear resistance and appearance. We will advise on all matters of preparatory work and the application process. Contact us!

Addresses of branches of New mail in the city of Dnipro:

branch number Address
Branch 1 st. Marshal Malinovsky, 114
Branch 2 st. Academician Yangel, 40
Branch 3 st. Tverskaya, 1
Branch 4 st. Prince Yaroslav the Wise (early Leningradskaya), 19
Ward 6 st. Udarnikov, 27
Ward 7 Ave. Alexandra Polya (ran. Kirov), 8a
Ward 8 town Slobozhanskoye, st. Vasily Sukhomlinsky, 61
Ward 9 st. Schmidt, 10
Ward 10 Ave. Slobozhansky (ran. Newspapers "Pravda"), 91
Ward 11 Ave. Slobozhansky (ran. Newspapers of Pravda), 6
Ward 12 residential area Pokrovsky (ran. Komunar), 3a
Ward 13 Ave. Gagarina, 43
Ward 14 Ave. Heroes, 33
Ward 15 Ave. Labor, 9
Ward 16 sq. Heroes of Maidan, 1
Ward 17 Donetsk highway, 9a
Ward 18 st. Working, 148
Ward 19 st. Panikahi, 91
Ward 20 Ave. B. Khmelnitsky (early St. Heroes of Stalingrad), 3
Ward 21 st. Vasily Chaplenko (ran. Frunze), 8
Ward 22 st. Teplichnaya, 21
Ward 23 st. Alexandra Polya (ran. Kirov), 76
Ward 24 st. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 25b
Ward 25 Ave. Pushkin, 3
Ward 26 Ave. Ivan Mazepa (ran. Petrovsky), 34
Ward 27 st. Cosmonauts, 15
Ward 28 st. Berezinskaya, 58
Ward 29 st. Titova, 21
Ward 30 Ave. Geroev, 3 (TC "Kodak")
Ward 31 st. Working, 89
Ward 32 st. Vladimir Vernadsky (ran. Dzerzhinsky), 10
Ward 33 Ave. Alexandra Polya (ran. Kirov), 43
Ward 34 Ave. Sergei Nigoyan, 3
Ward 35 st. Semaphore, 32B
Ward 36 st. Zhukovsky, 2e
Ward 37 st. Daniil Galitsky (ran. Budyonny), 29 (West)
Ward 38 st. Mikhail Grushevsky (ran. Karl Liebknecht), 4a
Ward 39 Zaporozhye highway, 40
Ward 40 st. Maria Lysichenko (ran. Heroes of the Civil War), 17
Ward 41 st. Zooparkovaya, 79d
Ward 42 st. Baikalskaya, 82
Ward 43 st. Gladkova, 5
Ward 44 Ave. Dmitry Yavornitsky (ran. Karl Marx), 99
Ward 45 Ave. Manuilovsky (ran. Vorontsova), 7
Ward 46 Ave. Slobozhansky (ran. Newspapers "Pravda"), 31d (TC "Nasha Pravda")
Ward 48 Ave. Alexandra Polya (ran. Kirova), 104a (mag. VARUS, shopping center "Slavutich")
Ward 49 st. 20th Anniversary of Victory, 43d (mag. VARUS, shopping center "Terra")
Ward 50 st. Metrostroevskaya, 15
Ward 52 Ave. B. Khmelnitsky (ran. Geroev Staling.), 8, office. 3
Ward 53 st. Titova, 2
Ward 54 st. Yuri Kondratyuk, 2
Ward 55 st. Dmitry Dontsov, 2a
Ward 56 Ave. D. Yavornitsky (ran. K. Marx), 60 ("ProStor")
Ward 57 st. Titova, 36
Ward 58 Ave. Bogdan Khmelnitsky (early Heroes of Stalingrad St.), 127
Ward 59 blvd. Glory, 28
Ward 60 st. Glinki, 1
Ward 61 proul. Sailing, 12
Ward 63 Ave. Marshal Malinovsky, 2
Ward 64 Ave. Ivan Mazepa, 3
Ward 65 Ave. Slobozhansky (ran. Newspapers "Pravda"), 13
Ward 66 Ave. Shturmansky, 7c (mage."Eva")
Ward 67 st. Bolshaya Diyovskaya (ran. Trofimovs), 111r (Communal shopping center)
Ward 68 st. Embankment of Victory, 62a
Ward 69 st. Nikolai Mikhnovsky (ran. Shcherbina), 8 (mag. Furshet)
Ward 70 st. Working, 83
Ward 71 sq. Vokzalnaya, 2
Ward 72 st. Kalinovaya, 82D (market "Exemplary")
Ward 73 blvd. Kobzar, 4
Ward 74 Ave. Peter Kalnyshevsky (early Kosior St.), 18
Ward 75 st. Brigade Commander Petrov, 2
Ward 76 st. Voskresenskaya (ran. Lenina), 1a
Ward 77 Ave. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 108
Ward 78 Ave. Fields of Alexander, 129r
Ward 80 Ave. Ivan Mazepa, 49
Ward 81 st. M. Curie, 5
Ward 82 st. Bolshaya Dievskaya (early str. Trofimov Brothers), 459
Ward 84 st. Saranskaya, 2, room. 9
Ward 85 Ave. Pushkin, 77
Ward 86 Ave. Gagarina, 82
Ward 88 st. Savkina, 2
Ward 89 st. Mikhail Grushevsky (ran. Karl Liebnecht), 10
Ward 90 st. Tereshchenkovskaya (ran. Red Cossacks), 25b
Ward 91 Ave. Freedom, 209
Ward 92 st. Zaporizhzhya highway, 28P
Ward 93 st. Foundry, 17
Ward 95 st. Malinovsky, 14-A
Ward 111 st. Embankment Pobedy, 86a (TC "New Continent")
Ward 112 st. Gogol, 12
Ward 113 st. Sholokhov, 7
Branch 153 Ave. Slobozhansky (ran. Newspapers of Pravda), 115
Branch 154 st. Builders, 12
Branch 155 Ave. Alexandra Polya (ran. Kirov), 59
Branch 159 st. Kalinovaya, 53
Ward 162 Ave. Dmitry Yavornitsky, 71
Ward 163 st. Vokzalnaya, 6
Ward 164 st. Gladkova, 36
Ward 165 st. Geroev Krut, 8a
Ward 166 blvd. Glory, 5k
Ward 181 Ave. Mira, 18

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