Liquid wallpaper in Kharkov

Liquid wallpaper in Kharkov
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In anticipation of the repair, each homeowner thinks through all the nuances of the upcoming work, selects the best finishing materials, and plans the budget. And often, after weighing all the pros and cons, consumers in Kharkov prefer liquid wallpaper Style .

Where to buy liquid wallpaper

However, what if you don't want to run around hardware stores in search of the most affordable prices, try to catch elusive consultants and stand in endless lines? There is an exit!

The Stil company has developed for you a whole line of textile coverings available in a wide range of colors. With their help, you can create a truly unique and creative design, give the interior a bright zest.

And, most importantly, you can buy liquid wallpaper in Kharkov and in any other city using the services of our online store. Our catalog contains more than 200 types of coatings with high-quality photographs and detailed descriptions. We are also ready to additionally advise you on all issues and help you choose the material that will best meet your wishes and requirements.

In addition, the site has a special online service for selecting combinations, with which you can visually evaluate how different combinations of liquid wallpaper will look when applied in a zoned manner or when creating color patterns.

And the price of liquid wallpaper in Kharkov and other cities from the manufacturer will pleasantly surprise you with its affordability. For example, a package of cellulose wallpaper "Style" costs from 90 UAH. Silk coating will cost a little more - from 150 UAH per pack. Considering that the mixture obtained from one package is enough to process up to 4.5 m² of surface, and that it will take from 22 UAH to cover 1 m² of a wall, it becomes clear that this is a very budget option.

How to order textile coverings

To buy liquid wallpaper in Kharkov, open our online catalog and choose the color options of the material that are most suitable for you. An order can be placed through the "basket", using the feedback form or by phone.

Trusting its current and future customers, the company "Style" works both on prepayment and post-payment upon receipt of the goods.

For your convenience, we have organized several alternative delivery options:

  • The most famous carrier companies (Nova Poshta, Delivery, Ukrposhta Express). Delivery times 1-3 days. The cost of delivery of one place is 25-65 UAH.
  • Courier delivery "Style". Specify terms and cost at the manager. You get your chosen wallpapers without leaving your home.
  • Pickup. If you wish, you can pick up the goods directly from the production in Alexandria, after agreeing the time with the manager.

Choose and order materials at any time convenient for you, sitting at your computer with a cup of aromatic coffee! And very soon you will be able to see for yourself the exceptional aesthetic and functional merits of liquid wallpaper "Style"!

Branch / Post office Address
Department 1   Kharkiv, st. Polevaya, 67
Department 2   Kharkiv, ave. Moscow, 54a
Department 3   Kharkiv, st. Tyurinskaya (ran. Yakira), 124
Department 4   Kharkiv, st. Dostoevsky, 5
Department 5   Kharkiv, pl. Yu. Kononenko, 1a (Car market "Losk", building "Privat Bank")
Department 6   Kharkiv, st. Academician Pavlova, 120
Department 7   Kharkiv, ave. Freedom Ludwig, 35
Department 8   Kharkiv, st. M. Goncharovskaya, 28/30
Department 9   Kharkiv, st. Roganskaya, 101a
Department 10   Kharkiv, st. Pushkinskaya, 96 (opposite the park "Youth"
Department 11   Kharkiv, ave. Gagarina, 41/2
Department 12   Kharkiv, st. Lukyanovskaya, 2
Department 13   Kharkiv, Dergachi, st. Privokzalnaya, 4
Department 14   Kharkiv, ave. Moscow, 199b (TC SunCity, 2)
Department 15   Kharkiv, st. Petra Svinarenko, 20
Department 16   Kharkiv, pl. Yu.Kononenko, 1a (Atobazaar "Losk", east side)
Department 17   Kharkiv, st. August 23, 67a
Department 18   Kharkiv, ave. Gagarina, 181 (TC "Sun Mall")
Department 19   Kharkiv, st. Morozova, 18
Department 20   Kharkiv, st. Klochkovskaya, 197d
Department 21   Kharkiv, st. Academician Proskura, 1
Department 22   Kharkiv, st. Chernishevskaya, 1
Department 23   Kharkiv, st. Academician Pavlova, 134/16
Department 24   Kharkiv, Defenders of Ukraine Square, 2 (TC "Epos")
Department 25   Kharkiv, ave. Tractor builders, 57a
Department 26   Kharkiv, shopping center "Barabashova", Afghan site, place 21-P1-55, 56
Department 27   Kharkiv, st. Shevchenko, 317
Department 28   Kharkiv, ave. Tractorostoriteley, 89b
Department 29   Kharkiv, st. Buchma (ran. Uborevich), 1b
Department 30   Kharkiv, ave. Moscow, 259
Department 31   Kharkiv, st. Light, 19
Department 32   Kharkiv, st. Gymnasium embankment (ran. Krasnoshkolnaya Naber), 26
Department 33   Kharkiv, st. Sumy, 124
Department 34   Kharkiv, st. Rozhdestvenskaya (ran. Engels), 14
Department 35   Kharkiv, st. Geroev Truda, 14 (TC Joker 2nd floor)
Department 36   Kharkiv, st. Moskalevskaya (ran. October Revolution), 92
Department 37   Kharkiv, st. Klochkovskaya, 244
Department 38   Kharkiv, ave. Alexandrovsky (ran. Kosiora), 184
Department 39   Kharkiv, ave. Gagarina, 48
Department 40   Kharkiv, st. Tarasovskaya, 3
Department 41   Kharkiv, st. Matyushenko, 7b
Department 42   Kharkiv, st. Freedom (ran. Ivanov), 11/13
Department 43   Kharkiv, ave. Jubilee, 1a
Department 44   Kharkiv, ave. Lev Landau, 46
Department 45   Kharkiv, st. Enver Akhsarov, 16
Department 46   Kharkiv, blvd. Jasmine (ran. Slinko), 9
Department 48   Kharkiv, ave. Glory, 5
Department 49   Kharkiv, ave. Moscow, 256
Department 50   Kharkiv, st. Klochkovskaya, 99a
Department 51   Kharkiv, st. Bakulina, 14
Department 52   Kharkiv, ave. Traktorostroiteley, 128v (TC "CLASS")
Department 53   Kharkiv, ave. Victory, 65 g
Department 54   Kharkiv, st. Lesya Serdyuka, 36
Department 55   Kharkiv, ave. Gagarina, 20a
Department 57   Kharkiv, ave. Science, 48
Department 58   Kharkiv, st. Geroev Truda, 7 (SEC "Karavan")
Department 59   Kharkiv, st. Sergei Gritsevets, 29 (mage."CLASS")
Department 60   Kharkiv, prov. Rohatinsky, 3 (mage."Growth")
Department 61   Kharkiv, st. Donets-Zakharzhevsky, 1/3
Department 62   Kharkiv, st. Amosova, 11A
Department 63   Kharkiv, town. Malaya Danilovka, Ring road, 8 (mag. "METRO")
Department 64   Kharkiv, ave. Gagarina, 187/1 (mag. "METRO")
Department 65   Kharkiv, ave. Heroes of Stalingrad, 169/24
Department 66   Kharkiv, st. Turkestanskaya, 44
Department 67   Kharkiv, st. Guards-Shironintsev, 30, pom. 40
Department 68   Kharkiv, ave. Sciences (ran. Lenin), 39
Department 69   Kharkiv, st. Dmitrievskaya, 5
Department 70   Kharkiv, st. Heroes of Labor, 15
Department 71   Kharkiv, ave. Tractor builders, 86/137
Department 72   Kharkiv, st. Dudinskoy, 1a (behind the department store "Kyiv")
Department 73   Kharkiv, st. Academician Pavlova, 44b
Department 74   Kharkiv, st. Marshal Bazhanov, 10
Department 76   Kharkiv, ave. Zhukovsky, 1
Department 77   Kharkiv, st. Guards-Shironintsev, 101/99
Department 78   Kharkiv, st. Shevchenko, 24a
Department 79   Kharkiv, blvd. Sergei Gritsevets, 2a (Shopping center "Ekvator", store "Velmart")
Department 80   Kharkiv, ave. Moskovsky, 256b (Shopping center "Ekvator", store "Velmart")
Department 81   Kharkiv, st. Klochkovskaya, 346 a
Department 82   Kharkiv, Poltava Way, 148/2 (BC "ARGO")
Department 83   Kharkiv, ave. Moscow, 10/12
Department 84   Kharkiv, ave. Novo-Bavarsky, 118a

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