Liquid wallpaper in Kherson

Liquid wallpaper in Kherson
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Traditional wallpapers, ceramic tiles and paint coatings are increasingly out of work, losing dry to a new material with unique properties - liquid wallpaper. This is due to a number of indisputable advantages of this material.

First of all, it is a spectacular appearance that allows you to transform any interior. In addition, many residents of Kherson choose liquid wallpaper, given their excellent operational and technical characteristics: enhanced sound and heat insulation, resistance to high and low temperatures and moisture. Consumers are also attracted by the environmental friendliness of the material, its complete safety for the human body and the environment, ease of application and the possibility of local restoration of damaged or contaminated areas.

How to buy liquid wallpaper in Kherson

Company "Style" - one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of textile coverings - offers you a huge number of cellulose, silk and cellulose-silk wallpapers available in the widest color palette. The price of liquid wallpaper in Kherson will delight you with its democratic nature. Go to our online catalog and choose!

Branch / Post office Address
Department 1   Kherson, Nikolaev highway, 5th km
Department 2   Kherson, st. Working, 201
Department 3   Kherson, ave. Admiral Senyavin, 27
Department 4   Kherson, st. Patona, 2a
Department 5   Kherson, st. Sretenskaya (ran. Rosa Luxembourg), 11a
Department 6   Kherson, st. Teatralnaya (ran. Gorky), 9
Department 7   Kherson, ave. 200 years of Kherson, 30
Department 8   Kherson, st. Perekopskaya, 173
Department 9   Kherson, ave. Saints Cyril and Methodius (ran. Dimitrov), 19
Department 10   Kherson, st. Colonel Kedrovsky, 10
Department 11   Kherson, st. Universitetskaya (early 40th anniversary of October), 110
Department 12   Kherson, st. Chornomorskaya, 16
Department 13   Kherson, st. Zalaegerseg, 18 (SEC Fabrika)
Department 14   Kherson, Vyacheslav Chernovol Highway (early Kindianskoe), 17a
Department 15   Kherson, st. 49th Guards Kherson Division, 26-A
Department 16   Kherson, st. I. Kulik, 114-J
Department 17   Kherson, st. Cherry, 52
Department 18   Kherson, st. Perekopskaya, 39a
Department 19   Kherson, ave. Ushakova, 49 (TC "Tsum")
Department 20   Kherson, ave. Ushakova, 62
Department 21   Kherson, st. Cathedral, 14/16
Department 22   Kherson, ave. Saints Cyril and Methodius (ran. Dimitrov), 10

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