Liquid wallpaper in Khmelnitsky

Liquid wallpaper in Khmelnitsky
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Thinking about what to choose - ordinary wallpaper or textile coatings, many consumers still opt for the second option. A significant role in the decision is played by the decorative value of the coating. It is not surprising that liquid wallpaper in Khmelnitsky is a very popular material.

The Style company, which has been engaged in the production of textile coatings for over 10 years, offers you a whole collection of this unique material. Using it to decorate walls and ceilings, you can turn even the most hackneyed design into a real masterpiece. And this is due to several factors.

  • Firstly, liquid wallpaper does not form unattractive joints and seams.
  • Secondly, they allow you to draw unique ornaments and even whole pictures on the wall.
  • Thirdly, the wide range of colors available and the special relief of the material provide an incredible effect.

How and where to buy liquid wallpaper in Khmelnitsky

Our online store sends products to all locations in Ukraine. Just open our online catalog, select the desired coating color and place an order through the "basket", feedback form or by phone. It is worth noting that the price of liquid wallpaper in Khmelnitsky will please you with its moderation.

Branch / Post office Address
Department 1   Khmelnitsky, st. Labor, 5/4 (behind the Shell gas station)
Department 2   Khmelnitsky, st. Geologists, 2 (the territory of the market "Pan Heel")
Department 3   Khmelnitsky, st. Sitsinsky (wounded by Vatutin), 11
Department 4   Khmelnitsky, Prospect Mira 72/5 (TC "Prospekt")
Department 5   Khmelnitsky, st. Kamenetskaya, 52/2
Department 6   Khmelnitsky, st. Podolskaya, 73/1
Department 7   Khmelnitsky, st. Kurchatova, 20
Department 8   Khmelnitsky, st. Tolstoy, 7
Department 9   Khmelnitsky, st. Khotovitsky, 5
Department 10   Khmelnitsky, st. Zarechanskaya, 4
Department 11   Khmelnitsky, st. Proskurovsky underground, 71/1
Department 12   Khmelnitsky, st. Zarechanskaya, 57/1
Department 13   Khmelnitsky, st. Chernovola, 110
Department 14   Khmelnitsky, st. Institutskaya, 15/1
Department 15   Khmelnitsky, Starokonstantinovskoe highway, 2/1b (Shopping center "Agora")
Department 16   Khmelnitsky, st. Geologists, 5/2 (in front of the market "MIVS")
Department 17   Khmelnitsky, st. Starogorodskaya, 35
Department 18   Khmelnitsky, st. Svobody, 73 (mag. "JYSK")
Department 19   Khmelnitsky, st. Lviv highway, 55/2B
Department 20   Khmelnitsky, st. Chernovola, 155/1
Department 21   Khmelnitsky, ave. Mira, 80
Department 22   Khmelnitsky, st. Shevchenko, 11
Department 23   Khmelnitsky, st. Labor, 6-A, pom. 133 (TC "Woodmall")
Department 24   Khmelnitsky, st. Ternopilska, 10/6B
Department 25   Khmelnitsky, st. Kurchatova, 5/1
Department 26   Khmelnitsky, st. Kamenetskaya, 19A (TGRTS "Lybid Plaza")
Department 27   Khmelnitsky, st. Dovzhenko, 4
Department 28   Khmelnitsky, st. Panas Mirny, 37/3
Department 29   Khmelnitsky, st. Pribuzhskaya, 12/1
Department 30   Khmelnitsky, Starokonstantinovskoe highway, 26, office 101
Department 31   Khmelnitsky, st. Marshal Krasovsky, 57
Department 32   Khmelnitsky, ave. Mira, 44
Department 33   Khmelnitsky, st. Bandery Stepana, 2/1A, pom. 403

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