Liquid wallpaper in Kyiv

Liquid wallpaper in Kyiv
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Wall decoration is almost the most time-consuming part of the repair. At the preparatory stage, you can find that the walls in the apartment have bumps and drops. It should also be borne in mind that in new houses, wall shrinkage occurs only after a couple of years. And not all materials can resist deformation. That is why today liquid wallpaper is increasingly being chosen as a finish, which attracts more and more buyers in Kyiv. The popularity of this material is due to its advantages in comparison with other decorative finishes.

Liquid wallpaper in Kyiv

A few reasons why you should buy liquid wallpaper

Practicality is one of the main reasons. Modern apartments often have a complex layout, which is characterized by a large number of corners, niches and ledges. Naturally, it is much easier to stick liquid wallpaper on such surfaces than rolled ones. Considering that this decorative finish has no joints and seams, you do not have to rack your brains over the selection of a pattern.

Liquid wallpaper Kyiv

  • Safety. Among other advantages of the material, it should be noted its environmental friendliness. Liquid wallpaper consists of natural components: cellulose and fabric (silk) fibers. The binding component in dry mixes of TM "Style" is CMC glue. The finished coating does not emit toxic substances. That is why the finish is suitable even for children's rooms (you can read about liquid wallpaper in a children's room here ).

Liquid wallpaper in Kyiv inexpensively

  • Noise and heat-insulating properties, absorb sounds and keep heat indoors. The price of liquid wallpaper in Kyiv starts from 25 UAH per 1 sq.m.
  • Interesting solutions. Can be used to create drawings and ornaments. This material is perfectly combined with other types of finishes - wood, slabs with imitation brickwork, mirror mosaics, etc.

Lilac liquid wallpaper Kyiv

  • Practicality. Another advantage of decorative finishes is unpretentiousness in care. Both cellulose and silk wallpapers can be vacuumed. That is, wet cleaning is not allowed. Exception: surfaces coated with acrylic lacquer (may be wiped with a slightly damp cloth).

Drawings liquid wallpaper Kyiv

Note: having calculated the amount of material, we advise you to buy liquid wallpaper with a small margin. In the event of stains, chips or scratches (for example, the surface can be accidentally touched when moving furniture), the rest of the dry mixture is useful for local repairs.

Liquid wallpaper Kyiv price

Where to buy liquid wallpaper in Kyiv?

Dry finishing mixtures are sold in almost any hardware store, but the assortment leaves much to be desired. Prices for liquid wallpaper TM "Style" are available at , and a wide color palette satisfies the needs of customers (220 colors). The advantage of ordering decorative finishes on the manufacturer's website is a large selection of mixtures, which not every hardware store can boast of.

Prices for liquid wallpaper in Kyiv

You can buy liquid wallpaper in Kyiv by placing an order on this site, by phone, by writing to us in Viber, Telegramm or WathApp. The company works both on prepaid and postpaid basis (calculation upon receipt). Delivery is carried out by proven transport services, including Nova Poshta and UkrPoshta. Orders in the amount of 2 thousand UAH are delivered to the buyer at the expense of the company.

Advesa of Nova Poshta offices in Kyiv:

branch number Address
Postomat 3002 Capital Highway, 103 (SEC "Atmosfera")
Postomat 3003 st. Pleshcheeva, 10 Office center "Capital"
Postomat 3004 st. Academician Zabolotny, 37 (SEC "Art Mall")
Postomat 3005 st. Yaroslavskaya, 58 (BC Astarta)
Postomat 3009 st. Heroes of the Dnieper, 34, Solaris
Postomat 3010 st. Polyarnaya, 20-D
Postomat 3013 intersection of Obolonsky prospect and st. Heroes of the Dnieper (TC "Oasis")
Postomat 3014 st. Malinovsky Marshal, 12A (TC "Metropolis")
Postomat 3016 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3016; st. Konstantinovskaya, 24 (Department No. 57)
Postomat 3019 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3019; st. Families Prakhovykh, 6, Business Center
Post office 3025 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3025; st. Ambrose Buchma, 5 (Department No. 142)
Post office 3031 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3031, st. Mikhail Grushevsky, 9B, BC "Summit"
Post office 3032 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3032, p. PP Borshchagovka, st. Soborna, 2-B, BC Golden River
Post office 3033 Post office "Nova Poshta" No. 3033, st. Chernobylskaya 16/80, "Velmart"
Post office 3035 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3035, pl. Obolonskaya, 6, "Velyka Kishenya"
Post office 3041 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3041, st. Mashinostroitelnaya, 41, LCD SmartHouse (1 section)
Post office 3042 st. Zdolbunovskaya, 17 (Department No. 80)
Post office 3046 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3046, st. Architect Verbitsky, 18, "Velyka Kyshenya"
Post office 3052 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3052, 26 Petr Grigorenko Ave., "Velika Kyshenya" (2nd floor)
Post office 3053 Kharkiv highway, 21/4 ("My store")
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Post office 3056 st. Zakrevskogo, 9 (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3057 st. Zakrevskogo, 75/2 (shop "Lotok")
Postomat 3058 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3058, st. Combined, 25 (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3059 st. Williams, 9 (mag. "Tray")
Postomat 3060 Ave. Lobanovsky, 57 (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3061 st. Molodogvardeyskaya, 12 (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3062 st. A. Mitskevicha, 8 (mag. "Tray")
Postomat 3063 st. Shamrila, 1A (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3064 st. Baumana, 26 (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3065 Ave. Pobedy, 142A (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3066 Ave. L. Kurbasa, 9B (mag. "Tray")
Post office 3067 st. Staroselskaya, 52 a (store "Lotok")
Post office 3068 Ave. Heroes of Stalingrad, 7a (mag. "Tray")
Postomat 3070 Ave. Victory, 136v (mag. Products)
Postomat 3074 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3074, p. Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka, st. Cathedral/Matrosova, 23, BoxPark
Post office 3087 st. Saperno-Slobodskaya, 10 (mag. Velmart)
Post office 3105 Ave. Mayakovsky, 15 (Department No. 201)
Post office 3108 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3108, st. V. Zhukovsky, 22A (Department No. 10)
Post office 3109 st. V. Zhukovsky, 22A (Department No. 10)
Post office 3110 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3110, st. O. Mishugi, 4 (Pyramid)
Post office 3111 st. Protasov Yar, 3 (mag. Lotok)
Post office 3112 proul. Kolomievsky, 17/31 a (mag. Lotok)
Post office 3113 st. Light, 3d (mag. Bee)
Post office 3114 st. Sikorsky, 1a (mag. Bee)
Post office 3118 Post office "Nova Poshta" No. 3118, Vaclav Havel boulevard, 8, BC INOX
Post office 3119 Post office "Nova Poshta" No. 3119, st. Vadim Hetmana, 6, SEC "Cosmopolit"
Post office 3155 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3155, proul. Magnitogorsk, 1, BC ITI Service
Post office 3156 Ave. Glushkova 1, pav. 5 (VDNH)
Post office 3184 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3184, st. Vasily Lipkovsky, 1A, Ultramarine
Post office 3185 Postomat "Nova Poshta", No. 3185, st. Chelyabinskaya, 15a (mag. Pchelka)
Post office 3188 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3188, ave. Heroes of Stalingrad, 16B (mag. Lotok)
Post office 3195 Post office "Nova Poshta" No. 3195, st. Popudrenko, 52, BC "Bears Center"
Post office 3223 Ave. Cathedral, 5 (Department No. 251)
Post office 3270 st. Yakuba Kolas, 25 (TC Mini)
Post office 3309 st. Nikolay Khvylovy 3 (LCD "Woodstory")
Post office 3311 st. Zoya Gaidai, 4 ("Products")
Post office 3312 Kharkiv Highway, 17a (shop "Products")
Post office 3313 st. Bogatirskaya, 12a (mag. "Products")
Post office 3314 st. Metrostroevskaya, 11 (shop "Products")
Post office 3315 st. Rokosovsky, 10 (mag. "Products")
Post office 3436 st. Prirechnaya, 21 a (mag. "Products")
Post office 3437 st. Zroshuvalnaya, 5 (mag. "Products")
Post office 3476 Postomat "Nova Poshta" No. 3476; per. Priborny, 4b (mag. "Products")
Post office 3483 st. Regenerative, 4 ("Sportlife")
Branch 1 st. Pirogovsky way, 135
Branch 2 st. Berezhanskaya, 9 (Obolon Lugovaya)
Branch 3 st. Kalachevskaya, 13 (Old Darnitsa)
Branch 4 st. Verkhovinnaya, 69
Ward 5 st. Fedorova, 32 (m. Olympic)
Ward 6 st. Nicholas Vasilenko, 2 (metro station Beresteyskaya)
Ward 7 st. Gnata Khotkevich, 8 (m. Chernihiv)
Ward 8 st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska, 33
Ward 9 per. Vyacheslav Chornovol, 54a (Zhulyansky bridge district)
Ward 10 st. Vasily Zhukovsky, 22A
Ward 11 Ave. Lobanovsky (ran. Krasnozvezdny), 119 (m. Demeev.)
Ward 12 st. Yakutskaya, 8
Ward 13 st. Orangerynaya, 3 (Metro Dorohozhychi)
Ward 14 st. Nicholas Kibalchich, 23/25
Ward 15 st. Malinska, 18 (Novobelichi)
Ward 16 Ave. Stepan Bandera, 16
Ward 17 st. Novokonstantinovskaya, 22/15
Ward 18 st. Molodogvardeyskaya, 22 (Chokolovka)
Ward 19 st. Rainbow, 25A
Ward 20 per. Novopechersky, 5 (m. Palace Ukraine)
Ward 21 st. Lutsenko, 6
Ward 22 st. Revutskogo, 26 (Kharkiv array)
Ward 23 Ave. N. Bazhana, 24/1 (m. Poznyaki)
Ward 24 st. Belorusskaya, 28a
Ward 25 st. M. Tymoshenko, 9
Ward 26 st. Boychuk (ran. Kikvidze), 25A
Ward 27 Ave. Vasily Porik, 13c (Vine grower)
Ward 28 st. Family Sosnin, 7a
Ward 29 st. Vasylkivska, 34 (building B)
Ward 30 st. Privokzalnaya, 12
Ward 31 st. Moskovskaya, 5/2a, (metro station "Arsenalnaya")
Ward 32 blvd. Darnitsky, 23
Ward 33 st. Zakrevskogo, 18 (Troyeshchyna)
Ward 34 Ave. Povitroflotsky, 34
Ward 35 st. Fuchika, 3 (CSKA)
Ward 36 st. Elena Teliha, 31/1
Ward 37 st. Prague, 24
Ward 38 st. Dneprovskaya embankment, 17Zh
Ward 39 st. Marshal Malinovsky, 34a
Ward 40 st. Heroes of Sevastopol, 23a (Otradny)
Ward 41 blvd. Rusanovskiy, 4
Ward 42 st. Daniil Shcherbakovsky (ran. Shcherbakov), 32/38, m. Nivki (Degtyari)
Ward 43 st. Goloseevskaya, 2
Ward 44 st. Milyutenka, 11a (Volgogradskaya sq.)
Ward 46 blvd. Friendship of Peoples, 14 (m. Friendship of Peoples, near NOVUS)
Ward 47 st. Vyshgorodskaya, 46
Ward 48 st. Mikhail Boychuk (ran. Kikvidze), 7/11 (m. Friendship of Peoples)
Ward 49 st. Jordanian (ran. L. Gavro), 1, lake "Verbnoe" (Obolon)
Ward 50 Ave. Pobedy, 7v (Circus)
Ward 51 st. Evgeny Konovalets, 15/4
Ward 52 Ave. M. Bazhana, 3
Ward 53 blvd. Romena Rollana, 7 (Nikolskaya Borschagovka)
Ward 54 Ave. Akademika Palladina, 25a (m. Akademgorodok)
Ward 55 st. Patriarch Mstislav Skripnik (ran. Ostrovsky), 60 (Solomenka)
Ward 56 st. Lyatoshinsky, 24
Ward 58 st. Vyborgskaya, 49
Ward 59 st. Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya (ran. Vorovskogo), 39/11
Ward 60 st. Dneprovskaya embankment, 26i (metro station Osokorky)
Ward 61 Ave. Lobanovsky, 3
Ward 62 Ave. Grigorenko, 22/20
Ward 63 st. Naberezhno-Khreshchatitskaya, 15-17/18
Ward 64 st. Vasylkivska, 55 (metro Exhibition Center)
Ward 65 st. Henri Barbusse, 53, room. 1140
Ward 66 st. Siretskaya, 9 (Kurenevka)
Ward 67 st. K. Dankevich, 16 (Troyeshchyna)
Ward 68 st. Boris Gmyria, 1 (m. Poznyaki)
Ward 69 st. Lavrukhina, 3
Ward 70 Ave. Pobedy, 20, m. Polytechnic Institute (Shulyavka)
Ward 71 blvd. Labor, 5
Ward 72 st. Sich Riflemen, 14a (Lvivska sq.)
Ward 73 st. Prorizna, 9 (m. Khreshchatyk)
Ward 74 st. Mezhigorskaya, 56
Ward 75 st. Velyka Vasylkivska, 120 (metro Palace "Ukraine")
Ward 76 Ave. Victory, 89a
Ward 77 Ave. Heroes of Stalingrad, 55
Ward 78 st. Magnitogorskaya, 1a (Darynok)
Ward 79 st. Svetlitsky, 30/20 B
Ward 80 st. Zdolbunovskaya, 17 (Shopping center "Auchan" parking)
Ward 81 st. Saksaganskogo, 76
Ward 82 st. Antonovicha, 157 (m. "Lybidskaya")
Ward 84 st. Kurnatovsky, 15
Ward 85 st. Marshal Grechko, 24

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