Liquid wallpaper in Krivoy Rog

Liquid wallpaper in Krivoy Rog
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Since textile coatings have recently appeared on a niche market, many consumers are interested in what kind of material it is, how to use it, and where to buy liquid wallpaper in Kryvyi Rih, especially now that shopping can be hampered by anti-COVID measures.

The material consists of:

  • The main filler (cellulose, cotton or silk);
  • CMC glue with antifungal agents;
  • Textile additives (silk, yarn);
  • glitter

Depending on the main element, wallpapers are cellulose, silk and cellulose-silk. Cellulose wallpapers are the most affordable, but this does not mean that they are of lower quality. Their distinctive features are a matte surface and a moderate texture. Silk wallpaper has a special glossy sheen.

Such an almost completely natural composition of coatings is their main, but by no means their only indisputable advantage. Among others, it is worth noting vapor permeability, heat and sound insulation, a presentable appearance and maintainability.

Sale of liquid wallpaper in Krivoy Rog

Among the whole variety of textile coatings of different brands, it is important to choose truly high-quality materials. The Style company has been producing liquid wallpapers for 10 years, which are properly certified and comply with all applicable norms and quality standards.

Wallpaper TM "Style" is successfully sold in small specialized stores and large construction supermarkets in Ukraine. However, for the convenience of our customers, we have developed a highly functional and at the same time easy-to-use online store.

Now residents of Krivoy Rog and residents of other Ukrainian cities no longer need to go shopping, wander between the shelves in search of the necessary materials and stand in lines, which is very unsafe during a pandemic. To order liquid wallpaper "Style" directly from the manufacturer, just go to our website, open the catalog and calmly choose materials while drinking aromatic coffee.

In our catalog there are more than 200 types of textile coverings, which differ in color and texture. Among them, you can definitely choose the material that will harmoniously fit into your interior. The page of each type of wallpaper provides brief information about their composition, a detailed description with designer's advice, as well as high-quality photos. Read this information to make the right choice, and if necessary, our managers are always ready to help and advise you on the remaining outstanding issues.

Here you can order cellulose, silk and cellulose-silk wallpaper in a variety of colors. The price of liquid wallpaper for residents of Krivoy Rog and other cities of Ukraine is affordable.

For order:

  • Make a purchase through the shopping cart on our website,
  • Use the feedback form
  • Contact us at +38(095) 77-40-365 or +38(098) 77-06-709,
  • Write an e-mail.

Choose, order and enjoy the updated, stylish interior of your home!

Branch / Post Office Address:
Department 1 Krivoy Rog, st. Kuprin, 123b
Department 2 Krivoy Rog, st. Leonid Borodich, 17
Department 3 Krivoy Rog, st. Kropyvnytsky, 29v
Department 4 Krivoy Rog, st. Vadim Gurova (ran. Postysheva), 2a
Department 5 Krivoy Rog, st. Victory, 32
Department 6 Krivoy Rog, st. Eduard Fuchs (ran. Tukhachevsky), 41 (room 65)
Department 7 Krivoy Rog, st. St. Nicholas (ran. Lenin), 55
Department 8 Krivoy Rog, st. 200th anniversary of Krivoy Rog, 24
Office 9 Krivoy Rog, st. Victory, 41a
Otd 10 Krivoy Rog, st. Trunk (ran. Kirilenko), 25
Otd 11 Krivoy Rog, st. Geroev ATO (wounded by Dimitrova), 61
Otd 12 Krivoy Rog, st. South, 17, apt. 83
Otd 13 Krivoy Rog, st. Vladimir the Great (ran. Meleshkin), 9, pom. 3
Otd 14 Krivoy Rog, st. Forest, 9a
Otd 15 Krivoy Rog, st. Mira, 31
Otd 17 Krivoy Rog, st. Fedorenko, 5a, pom. one
Otd 18 Krivoy Rog, st. Lermontova, 10a
Otd 19 Krivoy Rog, st. Mussorgsky, 13, room. 3
Department 20 Krivoy Rog, microdistrict. Sunny, 60/5
Office 21 Krivoy Rog, st. Admiral Golovko, 14
Office 22 Krivoy Rog, st. Diamond (wounded by Pogrebnyak), 1a
Otd 23 Krivoy Rog, st. Gagarina, 4
Office 24 Krivoy Rog, st. Mira, 7
Department 25 Krivoy Rog, st. Metallurgov, 36 (mag. "Foxtrot")
Department 26 Krivoy Rog, st. Vasilevsky Marshal, 22B
Department 28 Krivoy Rog, st. Sicheslavskaya, 3, room. fifty
Office 30 Krivoy Rog, st. Independence of Ukraine, 16B
Department 31 Krivoy Rog, st. Lermontova, 37
Office 34 Krivoy Rog, st. Gagarin, 59, room. №81а
Office 36 Krivoy Rog, st. Krivorozhstal, 13
P-t 5023 Krivoy Rog, st. P. Glazovogo, 28 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5024 Krivoy Rog, st. Vladimir the Great, 51a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5079 Krivoy Rog, st. Cathedral, 98b (mag. ATB)
P-t 5158 Krivoy Rog, st. Ave. 200th anniversary of Kryvyi Rih, 7d (mag. ATB)
P-t 5159 Krivoy Rog, st. Vladimir the Great, 24E (mag. ATB)
P-t 5168 Krivoy Rog, st. Vechernekutskaya, 54a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5169 Krivoy Rog, st. Eduard Fuchs, 1a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5170 Krivoy Rog, st. Petra Doroshenko, 2a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5174 Krivoy Rog, microdistrict. 4th Zarechny, 21a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5176 Krivoy Rog, st. Mussorgsky, 19a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5177 Krivoy Rog, st. Landing, 15 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5178 Krivoy Rog, microdistrict. 5th Zarechny, 39a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5186 Krivoy Rog, st. Magistralnaya, 17b (mag. ATB)
P-t 5196 Krivoy Rog, st. S Kolachevsky, 52K (mag. ATB)
P-t 5200 Krivoy Rog, st. Vodopyanova, 9 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5203 Krivoy Rog, st. Gagarina, 4b (mag. ATB)
P-t 5229 Krivoy Rog, st. Kolachevsky, 109 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5230 Krivoy Rog, st. Electric, 3b (mag. ATB)
P-t 5231 Krivoy Rog, microdistrict. 5th Zarechny, 88a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5407 Krivoy Rog, st. South, 34 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5409 Krivoy Rog, st. Cosmonauts, 13 (mag. ATB)

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