Liquid wallpaper in Lviv

Liquid wallpaper in Lviv
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The Style company has been producing liquid wallpaper for residents of Lviv and other cities for over 10 years. All this time, we have been tirelessly improving the formulations of dry mixes and were able to get an almost perfect composition. The material has passed all the necessary tests for strength, consumption, color fastness, resistance to external influences.

As a result, all our textile coverings consist of natural and safe ingredients, are available in a wide range of colors, allow you to create spectacular ornaments, compare favorably with excellent noise and heat insulation properties, well hide flaws in ceilings and walls, and are easily repaired in places of damage.

How to buy liquid wallpaper in Lviv

Our online store offers a wide range of textile coverings, among which you can easily choose the most suitable options for the implementation of your design ideas.

The price of liquid wallpaper for residents of Lviv and other settlements is quite affordable. In addition, we have discounts for orders in the amount of 3000 UAH. To place an order, call the phone numbers indicated in the header of the site, use the feedback form or click on the "buy" button.

Branch / Post office Address
Department 1   Lviv, st. Gorodotska, 359
Department 2   Lviv, st. Plastova, 7
Department 3   Lviv, st. Ugorskaya, 22 (arrival from Luhanska street)
Department 4   Lviv, Truskavetska, 15 (Sokolniki village, Lvovskaya side street, 11)
Department 5   Lviv, st. Danylyshina, 6
Department 6   Lviv, st. Sikhovskaya, 8
Department 7   Lviv, st. Lychakovskaya, 8
Department 8   Lviv, st. Grinchenko, 2a
Department 9   Lviv, st. Kulparkovskaya, 142
Department 10   Lviv, st. Levitsky, 7
Department 11   Lviv, st. Gorodotska, 120
Department 12   Lviv, st. Syaivo, 13, (Levandovka district)
Department 13   Lviv, ave. Chernovola Vyacheslav, 16D, pom. 98
Department 14   Lviv, st. Slovak, 5
Department 15   Lviv, st. Geroev UPA, 6
Department 16   Lviv, ave. Krasnaya Kalina, 76
Department 17   Lviv, st. Shevchenko, 323
Department 18   Lviv, st. Scientific, 12a
Department 19   Lviv, st. Boykovskaya, 1
Department 20   Lviv, st. Honey Caves, 7
Department 21   Lviv, st. Pasichnaya, 94v
Department 22   Lviv, st. Gorodotska, 174
Department 23   Lviv, st. Simon Petliura, 2
Department 24   Lviv, st. Green, 186
Department 25   Lviv, st. Patona, 37 (mage."Arsen")
Department 27   Lviv, st. Lowland, 2
Department 28   Lviv, st. Princess Olga, 120 (mage."Arsen")
Department 29   Lviv, st. Abraham Lincoln, 57
Department 30   Lviv, st. Litvinenko, 8
Department 31   Lviv, st. Tershakovtsev, 1
Department 32   Lviv, st. Dragana, 34
Department 33   Lviv, st. Antonovich, 90
Department 34   Lviv, st. B. Khmelnitsky, 176
Department 35   Lviv, st. Demnyanskaya, 26
Department 36   Lviv, ave. Krasnaya Kalina, 62a (TC "INTER CITY")
Department 37   Lviv, st. Shiretskaya, 36 (South market)
Department 38   Lviv, st. Green, 89
Department 39   Lviv, st. Vladimir the Great, 1
Department 40   Lviv, st. Lichakovskaya, 139
Department 41   Lviv, st. Gas, 34a
Department 42   Lviv, ave. Vyacheslav Chornovol, 67g (TC "Intercity")
Department 43   Lviv, st. Kulparkovskaya, 131
Department 44   Lviv, st. Polubotka, 31
Department 45   Lviv, ave. Chervonoy Kalina, 59
Department 47   Lviv, st. Chukarina V., 14, office. 3
Department 48   Lviv, st. Mentsinsky, 10
Department 50   Lviv, st. Peat, 23

Liquid wallpaper Style in other cities
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Vinnitsa Odessa Kyiv
Kherson Kharkiv Krivoy Rog
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