Liquid wallpaper in Nikolaev

Liquid wallpaper in Nikolaev
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Modern owners of apartments and private houses are increasingly experimenting and using new items that have relatively recently appeared on the niche market instead of traditional finishing materials in repairs. One of these novelties is liquid wallpaper in Nikolaev and other cities of Ukraine.

Textile coverings can be used to finish walls and ceilings:

  • In living rooms. The material does not let in external noise, does not emit hazardous substances into the air and is easily repaired in places of damage, which is very important for a room in which the whole family often gathers together.
  • In children. Many people decide to buy liquid wallpaper in Nikolaev to decorate the interior of the room in which the child spends most of his time, as this is a really beautiful, safe and practical material.
  • In kitchens. The coating lends itself to local restoration, which is very important for a room in which food is cooked.
  • In bathrooms. The material covered with acrylic varnish does not get wet as a result of exposure to water.

How to order textile coverings

The Style company is one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers of this material. In our online store you can place an order for liquid wallpaper in Nikolaev at an affordable price . Browse the catalog and choose!

Branch / Post office Address
Department 1   Nikolaev, ave. Heroes of Ukraine (early avenue Heroes of Stalingrad), 13
Department 2   Nikolaev, st. Morehodnaya, 1v/6 (Lit. B2)
Department 3   Nikolaev, st. Electronic, 81/7
Department 4   Nikolaev, ave. Bogoyavlensky (ran. Oktyabrsky), 330
Department 5   Nikolaev, ave. Heroes of Ukraine (ran. Heroes of Stalingrad), 77/1
Department 6   Nikolaev, st. Cathedral (ran. Soviet), 13/4
Department 7   Nikolaev, st. Cosmonauts, 62
Department 8   Nikolaev, ave. Central, 25b
Department 9   Nikolaev, st. Generala Karpenko, 2/2 a
Department 10   Nikolaev, ave. Central (ran. Lenin), 86/3
Department 11   Nikolaev, Mira avenue, 13
Department 12   Nikolaev, st. Pushkinskaya, 33
Department 13   Nikolaev, st. Azure, 17
Department 14   Nikolaev, ave. Central (ran. Lenin), 159
Department 15   Nikolaev, st. Cosmonauts, 53/1
Department 16   Nikolaev, Branch No. 16 (up to 30 kg), ave. Bogoyavlensky (ran. Oktyabrsky), 234c
Department 17   Nikolaev, ave. Heroes of Ukraine (ran. G. Stalingrad), 9d (METRO)
Department 18   Nikolaev, ave. Bogoyavlensky (ran. Oktyabrsky), 342/2
Department 19   Nikolaev, st. 1-a Slobodskaya, 62
Department 20   Nikolaev, ave. Bogoyavlensky (ran. Oktyabrsky), 26/2
Department 21   Nikolaev, st. Cosmonauts, 108/1
Department 22   Nikolaev, ave. Central, 135
Department 23   Nikolaev, st. Cosmonauts, 83a
Department 24   Nikolaev, ave. Mira, 17/3
Department 25   Nikolaev, ave. Bogoyavlensky (ran. Oktyabrsky), 310
Department 26   Nikolaev, st. Malaya Morskaya, 108/7
Department 27   Nikolaev, st. Nikolskaya, 17/1
Department 28   Nikolaev, st. Ozernaya (ran. Red Mayovshchikov), 1-B
Department 29   Nikolaev, st. Decembrists, 31/1
Department 41   Nikolaev, Kherson highway, 38a
Department 42   Nikolaev, st. Chkalova, 215b
Department 44   Nikolaev, st. Moscow, 13/4

Liquid wallpaper Style in other cities
Khust Khmelnitsky Cherkasy
Vinnitsa Odessa Kyiv
Kherson Kharkiv Krivoy Rog
Zaporozhye Zhitomir Ivano-Frankivsk
Sumy Poltava Nikolaev
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