Liquid wallpaper in Odessa

Liquid wallpaper in Odessa
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Liquid wallpaper is not just a beautiful decorative material that is used to cover walls and ceilings. This is a universal finish that can be used in any room: in a private house, apartment, country house, office, cafe. The material is not afraid of temperature changes, therefore it is suitable for finishing even unheated premises (balconies, loggias, verandas). And at a cost it turns out even cheaper than roll wallpaper. You can buy liquid wallpaper with delivery to Odessa in our catalog , we will deliver it in 2 days.

Liquid wallpaper in Odessa

Liquid wallpaper Odessa

About the advantages of the new decorative coating

Liquid wallpaper for walls and ceilings has a number of advantages in comparison with other materials. We list some of them:

  • Liquid wallpaper is a very plastic material. This means that the finish is suitable for all types of surfaces. The material visually smoothes out irregularities and differences in surfaces, does not deform even if the walls of the house shrink over time.

Wallpaper liquid Odessa cheap

  • Safety. The composition of dry mixes does not contain harmful toxic substances that can cause allergic reactions and deterioration in health. The components that make up liquid wallpaper are safe and environmentally friendly (cellulose, textile or silk fibers, as well as CMC glue, which is used even in the food industry).
  • Heat and sound insulation. The surface covered with liquid wallpaper TM "Style" is warm. This is due to the fact that the mixture contains cellulose and textile fibers, between which air bubbles are located.

Liquid wallpaper in Odessa cheap

  • Practicality and durability. Liquid wallpaper does not need special care, does not fade in the sun, does not attract dust. It is enough to periodically vacuum the surface. Wet cleaning is possible only when the finished finish is covered with acrylic varnish. The service life of the material is 15 years.
  • Interesting design solutions. Using liquid wallpaper of different shades, you can create patterns, drawings and ornaments on the walls.

Drawings liquid wallpaper Odessa

The only significant drawback of decorative finishes is the absorption of odors and moisture (which is important for the kitchen). But this problem can be solved with the help of acrylic varnish. It is enough to add the agent to the mixture when mixing the material or varnish the finished surface. How to glue liquid wallpaper in the kitchen read here .

Drawings with liquid wallpaper in the nursery Odessa

Buy liquid wallpaper in Odessa at an affordable price without leaving home

The Style company has been producing dry mixes based on cellulose and silk fibers since 2010. All products are safe and environmentally friendly. Affordable prices for liquid wallpaper TM "Style" pleasantly please. The cost of dry mixes based on cellulose starts from 22 UAH per 1 sq.m. A variety of colors and textures fully satisfies the needs of customers.

Liquid wallpaper in the interior of Odessa

You can buy liquid wallpaper in Odessa or any other city at an affordable price by placing an order on this site - online through the basket, by phone. Orders for dry mixes can also be sent to Viber, Telegramm, WhatsApp. The manager of the company is ready to answer all questions, choose the type of finish in accordance with the required characteristics, as well as individual wishes in terms of color and price.

Liquid wallpaper price in Odessa

Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine. We work only with trusted transport companies, including Nova Poshta. For retail customers, discounts of 5-10% are provided, free delivery on orders over 2000 UAH. The company is actively developing its dealer network, offering favorable terms of cooperation to wholesale buyers.

Addresses of branches of New mail:

branch number Address
Branch 1 Kyiv highway (ran. Leningradskoe highway), 27
Branch 2 st. Basic, 16 (Promrynok, 7 km)
Branch 3 st. Dalnitskaya, 23/4
Branch 4 st. Academician Williams, 86
Ward 5 st. Academician Filatov, 24
Ward 6 With. Latovka, st. Cooperative, 2a (Car market "Kuyalnik")
Ward 7 st. Zhukovsky, 10
Ward 9 st. Segedskaya, 18
Ward 10 st. David Oistrakh (ran. Zatonsky), 4
Ward 11 st. Nikolaev road, 235
Ward 12 st. Sofievskaya, 34
Ward 13 st. Semyon Paliy (ran. Dnepropetrovsk road), 82
Ward 14 st. Marshal Malinovsky, 71
Ward 15 Tiraspol highway, 2
Ward 16 st. Malinovsky, 27a (mag. "Kopeyka")
Ward 17 st. Razumovskaya, 29
Ward 18 st. Fontanskaya road, 16/8
Ward 19 st. Joyful, 23
Ward 20 st. Malaya Arnautskaya 119
Ward 22 st. Jewish, 1
Ward 23 st. Vysotsky, 23
Ward 24 st. Fontanskaya road, 4a
Ward 25 st. Malaya Arnautskaya, 45
Ward 26 st. Semyon Paliy (ran. Dnepropetrovsk road), 126
Ward 27 st. Novoselsky, 64
Ward 28 st. Academician Koroleva, 94
Ward 29 st. Govorova, 7A
Ward 30 st. Uspenskaya, 7
Ward 31 st. Heroes of the Defense of Odessa (ran. Heroes of Stalingrad), 52
Ward 32 st. Fontanskaya road, 58
Ward 33 st. Romana Karmena, 15 (Shevchenko Ave.)
Ward 34 st. 7 km Ovidiopol road, 1 (Epicenter)
Ward 35 st. Kanatnaya, 83
Ward 36 st. Ivan and Yuri Lip (ran. Gaidar), 5
Ward 37 st. Alexander Nevsky, 57
Ward 38 st. Dnepropetrovsk road, 127/3 (TC "Volna")
Ward 39 st. Seaside, 49/1
Ward 41 st. S. Palia (ran. Dnepropet. road), 93a (SEC "Family")
Ward 42 st. Novoshchepnoy Ryad, 2 (Shopping Center "Ostrov")
Ward 43 Ave. Dobrovolskogo, 137a (TC "My House")
Ward 44 proul. Simaphorny, 4 (mag. "Furshet")
Ward 45 Ave. Admiralsky, 1B
Ward 46 st. S. Palia (ran. Dneprop. road), 125b (mage."Furshet")
Ward 47 st. Catherine, 27/1
Ward 49 Ave. Dobrovolsky, 71/1 (mage."Penny")
Ward 50 Ave. Dobrovolsky, 70b (mage."Penny")
Ward 51 Ave. Heavenly Hundred (ran. March. Zhukov), 65a (Kopeyka)
Ward 52 st. Raskidailovskaya, 18
Ward 53 Ave. Dobrovolsky, 130/5 (mage."Penny")
Ward 54 Ave. Academician Glushko, 11/1 (mage."Penny")
Ward 55 Ave. Shevchenko, 4th (mage."Kopeyka")
Ward 56 st. Generala Bocharova, 50
Ward 57 st. Bugaevskaya, 21B
Ward 58 st. Academician Filatov, 62
Ward 59 st. French Boulevard, 9
Ward 60 st. Staroportofrankivska, 103a
Ward 61 st. Yitzhak Rabin, 23
Ward 62 st. Lustdorf road, 170
Ward 63 Fontanskaya road, 14a
Ward 64 st. Generala Bocharova, 37
Ward 65 st. Stepovaya, 28 (mage."Glutton")
Ward 66 st. Academician Koroleva, 19
Ward 67 st. Marseille, 35 b
Ward 68 sq. Borisa Derevyanko, 2 (TC "House of Furniture")
Ward 69 st. Chernyakhovsky, 4 (TC "5th element")
Ward 70 Ave. Heavenly Hundred (ran. M. Zhukov), 3a, kv.6 (Shopping Center Success)
Ward 71 st. Varna, 15
Ward 72 st. Balkovskaya, 30
Ward 73 st. Ilf and Petrov, 63/1
Ward 74 st. Ilf and Petrova, 35a
Ward 75 Ave. Heavenly Hundred (ran. Marshal Zhukov), 23
Ward 77 Novonikolaevskaya road, 1 (mag. "Tavria V")
Ward 78 st. Melnitskaya, 20
Ward 79 st. Pushkinskaya, 72 (mag. "TSUM")
Ward 80 Ave. Heavenly Hundred (wounded by M. Zhukov), 101m (mage."METRO")
Ward 81 st. Aeroportovskaya, 29 (mag. "METRO")
Ward 82 sq. Starosinnaya, 15
Ward 83 st. Filatova Academician, 2
Ward 84 st. Lustdorfskaya road, 55 (TC "Altairovskiy")
Ward 85 Ave. Admiralsky, 37
Ward 86 st. Genuezskaya, 24B (TOTS "KADORR City Mall)
Ward 87 st. Academician Koroleva, 79
Ward 88 Ave. Dobrovolsky, 83
Ward 89 st. Semyon Paliy (ran. Dnepropetrovsk road), 68
Ward 90 st. Lustdorf road, 90g
Ward 91 Ave. Academician Glushko, 22
Ward 92 st. Nikolaev road, 307/1 (mag. "METRO")
Ward 93 st. Academician Williams, 9a
Ward 94 st. Ekaterinenskaya, d. 84/86, room. 501
Ward 95 Greek square, 3/4
Ward 96 st. Ilfa and Petrova, 39 (mage."Penny")
Ward 97 Lustdorfskaya road, 142-A, pom. 101
Ward 98 st. Staroportofrankivska, 135
Ward 99 Greek Square, 1
Branch 100 st. Marshal Malinovsky, 33 (mag. "Silpo")
Branch 101 With. Limanka, "Rainbow" array w / array "Ulyanovka", 23, pom. 7
Branch 102 town Vanguard, st. European, 9, section 1, room. 1B
Branch 103 st. Array Rainbow, 16/4
Branch 104 sq. Independence, 1 (TC "Panorama")
Branch 105 st. Srednyofontanskaya, 19g (TC "Crystal")
Ward 107 Polish descent, 11
Branch 108 blvd. Landing, 16 (mag. "Point")
Ward 109 blvd. French, 41, pom. 101
Branch 110 st. Inglezi (ran. 25th Chapaevskaya div), 10 (Glutton)
Ward 111 sq. Grecheskaya, 1-A, pom. 101 (TC "Greeksky")
Ward 112 st. Staroportofrankivska, 22/1
Ward 113 st. Academician Williams, 46/1 (gas station "SunOil")
Branch 114 Ave. Glushko Academician, 14/6
Branch 115 Nikolaev road, 301/1, pom. 101
Branch 116 With. Limanka, railway station Druzhny, massif 10, section 31
Ward 117 st. Ivan and Yuri Lip (ran. Gaidar), 34
Branch 118 Ave. Shevchenko, 27
Ward 119 st. Dyukovskaya, 14
Branch 120 st. Inglezi (ran. 25th Chapaev.div.), 13A (Sun Oil gas station)
Ward 121 st. Academician Zabolotny, 24
Branch 122 st. Stolbovaya, 28
Ward 123 st. Nikolaev road, 128
Branch 124 st. Travel, 12
Branch 125 st. Generala Petrov, 1
Ward 126 st. Hrushevsky, 41
Ward 127 st. Kolontaevskaya, 58 (Bus station)
Branch 128 Ave. Ak. Glushko, 29
Ward 129 lane Malanova, 6
Branch 130 st. Central Airport, 25
Ward 131 st. Generala Bocharova 50/1 (Market Cob)
Branch 132 st. Genuezskaya, 5 (SEC "Gagarinn Plaza")
Ward 133 Fontanskaya road, 118
Branch 135 st. Palia Semena, 93
Branch 136 st. Khmelnitsky Bohdan, 74
Branch 138 Branch №138
Branch 140 st. Dalnitskaya, 16

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