Liquid wallpaper in Poltava

Liquid wallpaper in Poltava
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When planning repairs, the owners of apartments and private houses think about what finishing material to choose. Liquid wallpaper in Poltava and other cities are an excellent solution to this issue.

This unique material combines the best technical properties of decorative plaster, paper wallpaper and paint coatings. At the same time, he also has other, exclusively his own qualities.

Liquid wallpaper or, in other words, textile coatings consist of environmentally friendly components: natural main filler (cellulose, cotton, silk); special glue used even in the food industry; textile additives (silk, yarn); shine.

According to its fire and technical characteristics, the material belongs to the fire hazard class KM3. This means that it can be freely used for finishing rooms, in which in the future a large number of people will periodically be at the same time.

How to buy liquid wallpaper in Poltava

The company "Style" brings to your attention a huge range of textile coatings of its own production. All products have passed the necessary tests and received quality certificates. The price of liquid wallpaper for residents of Poltava and other settlements is democratic. We accept orders through the "basket", the feedback form on the website or by phone.


Branch / Post office Address
Department 1   Poltava, st. Veterinarnaya, 22
Department 2   Poltava, st. Kovpaka, 26
Department 3   Poltava, st. Lidova, 13
Department 4   Poltava, st. Panyanka, 75a
Department 5   Poltava, st. Cathedral, 71
Department 6   Poltava, st. Ivan Mazepa, 12/8
Department 7   Poltava, st. Marshal Biryuzova, 43 a
Department 8   Poltava, (up to 30 kg per seat)
Department 9   Poltava, st. Gogol, 20
Department 10   Poltava, st. European, 63
Department 11   Poltava, st. Geroev ATO, 79
Department 12   Poltava, st. Sennaya, 2/49
Department 13   Poltava, st. Velykotyrnovskaya, 35/2
Department 14   Poltava, st. O. Gonchar, 19a
Department 15   Poltava, st. European, 94
Department 16   Poltava, ave. Mira, 30a (shopping center "Mir")
Department 18   Poltava, st. Gogol, 38 (TC "Metropolitan")
Department 19   Poltava, st. European, 185
Department 21   Poltava, st. Velykotyrnovskaya, 7
Department 22   Poltava, st. Pavlenkovskaya, 3b, room. 4, room 5
Department 25   Poltava, ave. May Day, 19
Department 26   Poltava, st. European, 66
Department 27   Poltava, st. Factory, 12
Department 28   Poltava, st. Heavenly Hundred, 74
Department 29   Poltava, st. Sakko, 18a
Department 30   Poltava, st. Stanislavsky, 14/2

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