Liquid wallpaper in Sumy

Liquid wallpaper in Sumy
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Many consumers, when choosing finishing materials for walls and ceilings, evaluate, first of all, their technical performance. Guided by these criteria, residents of Sumy are increasingly choosing liquid wallpaper.

So, for example, this material compares favorably with excellent thermal insulation characteristics, which are provided by its special porous and fibrous structure. The air held between the fibers of the wallpaper contributes to the year-round maintenance of a comfortable microclimate in the house.

Also, textile coatings are characterized by resistance to low and high temperatures. Many consumers decide to buy liquid wallpaper in Sumy for finishing unheated premises. Plus, they can be applied to the walls behind the batteries.

Sale of liquid wallpaper in Sumy

In the online catalog of the Stil company you will find a large assortment of cellulose, silk and cellulose-silk coatings. The price of liquid wallpaper for residents of Sumy and other cities is within an affordable range. To place an order, call us at the phone numbers listed in the header of the site, use the feedback form or do all the necessary actions through the "basket".


Branch / Post office Address
Department 1   Sumy, st. Linear, 15
Department 2   Sumy, st. Petropavlovskaya, 62
Department 3   Sumy, st. Geroev Krut, 60/3
Department 4   Sumy, st. Levanevsky, 10
Department 5   Sumy, st. Yuri Vetrov (ran. Vorovsky), 20
Department 6   Sumy, st. Resurrection, 13a
Department 7   Sumy, st. Belopolsky way, 30/3
Department 8   Sumy, ave. Mikhail Lushpa, 13
Department 9   Sumy, st. Ekaterina Zelenko, 4
Department 10   Sumy, st. Romenskaya, 81
Department 11   Sumy, ave. Kursk, 103
Department 12   Sumy, st. Kharkivska, 9 (mage."The market itself")
Department 13   Sumy, st. Yaroslav the Wise (ran. Proletarian), 50
Department 14   Sumy, st. Gerasim Kondratieva, 152d
Department 15   Sumy, st. M. Lushpy, 41
Department 16   Sumy, ave. M. Lushpy, 5, building. ten
Department 17   Sumy, st. Nizhnesyrovatskaya, 60
Department 18   Sumy, st. Ilinskaya, 56
Department 19   Sumy, ave. Kursk, 111
Department 20   Sumy, st. Cooperative, 1
Department 21   Sumy, ave. Kursk, 6
P-t 5315   Sumy, st. Akhtyrskaya, 4a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5340   Sumy, ave. Mikhail Lushpa, 12 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5341   Sumy, st. New Year, 8 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5344   Sumy, st. Levanevsky, 22 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5346   Sumy, st. Geroev Krut, 76/3 (mag. ATB)

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