Liquid wallpaper in Vinnitsa

Liquid wallpaper in Vinnitsa
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Hardware stores in the city of Vinnitsa offer customers a huge selection of finishing materials at a variety of prices. Modern finishing materials allow you to realize almost any design solution. Of all types of finishes, liquid wallpaper TM "Style" is in high demand. Not surprising, because today decorative plaster with cellulose and textile fibers is an excellent alternative to traditional roll products made of paper, fabric or vinyl.

Liquid wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom in Vinnitsa

What liquid wallpaper can be bought in Vinnitsa?

Liquid wall-paper of the Style trademark is dry mixes in plastic bags packing on 1 kg. The composition includes safe, environmentally friendly substances (cotton, cellulose, rayon fibers, CMC glue, color). To give the surface certain decorative features, glitter, glitter, glitter powder, etc. can be added to the mixture.

Wall decoration with liquid wallpaper by masters from Vinnitsa

According to the composition, cellulose, silk and cellulose-silk wallpapers are distinguished (in the latter, the ratio of cellulose and silk fibers is approximately 50:50).

Silk liquid wallpaper is considered the most durable, strong and wear-resistant. Decorative finish creates a durable seamless coating with a beautiful sheen on the wall surface. The surface is UV resistant. Silk plaster practically does not absorb odors, so this material is suitable for the kitchen. Compared to other types of finishes, silk wallpapers are more expensive. The most affordable are cellulose liquid wallpaper. Their cost varies from 100 to 140 UAH per 1 kg.

Drawings on the walls with liquid wallpaper in Vinnitsa

About the properties of liquid wallpaper

Dry mixes TM "Style" are safe and environmentally friendly products of high quality. The advantages of liquid wallpaper include their simple and convenient preparation, seamless surface, the ability to perform quick local repairs, visual wall alignment and smoothing of irregularities, hygroscopicity, high noise and thermal insulation properties. The finished wall is warm, “breathing”, and sawdust does not accumulate on it.

How walls are decorated with liquid wallpaper in Vinnitsa

This type of decoration allows you to decorate the walls, depicting drawings, ornaments and beautiful panels on them. Also, the material is perfectly combined with other finishes - wood, natural and artificial stone, cork wallpaper, etc.

The pattern on the wall with liquid wallpaper, made by craftsmen from Vinnitsa

Another important advantage of liquid wallpaper is the ability to use this material in any room and on almost any surface. The fact is that liquid wallpaper is perfectly not afraid of cold and temperature changes. Therefore, they can be glued on the balcony and loggia .

Beige liquid wallpaper in the bedroom in Vinnitsa

How to order liquid wallpaper and at what price?

You can buy liquid wallpaper in Vinnitsa in almost any hardware store. And you can order directly on the website of the Ukrainian manufacturer. The virtual catalog of products of TM "Style" presents many options at affordable prices. Now you can update the interior quickly and inexpensively.

Beautiful interior with liquid wallpaper Vinnitsa

The price of cellulose liquid wallpaper starts from 100 UAH per 1 kg of dry mix. Cellulose-silk wallpapers cost between 130-150 UAH, and dry mixes based on silk fibers will cost the buyer 150-230 UAH per 1 kg.

Drawings in the children's liquid wallpaper in Vinnitsa

The company works with reliable delivery services, including Nova Pochnaya and Ukrposhta. Sendings are carried out to all settlements of Ukraine. The minimum order is 1 kg, discounts are provided for orders over 10 kg.

Addresses of Nova Poshta offices in Vinnitsa:

branch number Address
Branch 1 st. Jacob Shepel, 1
Branch 2 st. Lipovetskaya, 6a (TC "Vivat")
Branch 3 st. Cathedral, 89
Branch 4 st. Yuri Klen (ran. Furmanov), 28
Ward 5 st. Keletskaya, 83
Ward 6 st. Architects, 16
Ward 7 st. Keletskaya, 51a, pom. 144
Ward 8 st. Pushkin, 10
Ward 9 Ave. Kotsiubinsky, 32
Ward 10 Khmelnitsky highway, 82
Ward 11 st. Academician Yangel (ran. Frunze), 58
Ward 12 st. Pirogova, 31
Ward 13 st. Gonty, 19, room. 3
Ward 14 Sabarovskoe highway, 1b/2d
Ward 15 st. Danila Nechay, 77a
Ward 16 Ave. Kotsiubinsky, 70 (TC "PetroCentre")
Ward 17 st. Vasily Porik, 5a
Ward 18 st. Princes Koriatovichi (ran. Sverdlov), 181a
Ward 19 st. Gleb Uspensky, 91b
Ward 20 st. Chekhov, 8a
Ward 22 st. Keletskaya, 47-D (mag. "Grosh")
Ward 23 st. Vasily Porik, 46, office. 49
Ward 25 st. Nikolaevskaya, 2 (TC "Barbara")
Ward 35 Khmelnytsky highway, 145b (mage."Furshet")
Ward 36 st. Evgenia Pikus (ran. Papanin), 1a (TC "Kvartal")

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