Liquid wallpaper in Zhytomyr

Liquid wallpaper in Zhytomyr
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Relatively recently, textile coatings were still a novelty in the niche market, but today they are already in consistently high demand among Ukrainian consumers. What is this material? And where can I buy liquid wallpaper in Zhytomyr?

Liquid wallpaper is a decorative coating that has a number of indisputable advantages over other finishing materials. First of all, it is:

  • environmental Safety,
  • increased sound insulation
  • excellent thermal insulation properties,
  • masking uneven walls,
  • lack of joints
  • the ability to create patterns and drawings,
  • easy restoration of damaged areas.

Sale of liquid wallpaper in Zhytomyr

The Stil company has been producing textile coverings for over 10 years. We are constantly introducing new technologies into the production process to ensure the highest level of quality of the material produced. Our catalog contains a wide range of liquid wallpaper at a reasonable price for residents of Zhytomyr and other settlements of Ukraine. We accept orders over the phone, through the "basket" or through the feedback form on the site.


Vіddіlennya / Poshtomat Addresses
Vidd 1   Zhytomyr, vul. Granitna, 16
Vidd 2   Zhytomyr, vul. Taras Bulbi-Borovtsya (ran. Marshal Ribalko), 28
Vidd 3   Zhytomyr, vul. Pokrovska (ran. Shchors), 20
Vidd 4   Zhytomyr, vul. Peremogi, 99
Vidd 5   Zhytomyr, vul. B. Tena, 9
Vidd 6   Zhytomyr, vul. Heavenly Hundred, 52
Vidd 7   Zhytomyr, vul. Kyivska, 112
Vidd 8   Zhytomyr, vul. Metalistiv 2
Vidd 9   Zhytomyr, vul. Vitruk, 9a
Sunday 10   Zhytomyr, ave. Mira, 37
Vidd 11   Zhytomyr, vul. Vilsky Way, 14
Sunday 12   Zhytomyr, Smolyanska square, 3
Sunday 13   Zhytomyr, vul. Heavenly Hundred, 26
Vidd 14   Zhytomyr, Railway Station Maidan, 6/126
Sunday 15   Zhytomyr, vul. Kyivska, 67
Sunday 16   Zhytomyr, vul. Otamaniv Sokolovsky (ran. Potapova), 1 (Ekomar.)
Vidd 17   Zhytomyr, vul. Kyivska, 77 (SEC "Global UA")
Vidd 18   Zhytomyr, vul. Shevchenko, 18a
Sunday 19   Zhytomyr, vul. Chudnivska (ran. Chernyakhovsky), 92 (TC "Ocean")
Vidd 20   Zhytomyr, vul. Boris Ten, 83/38
Vidd 21   Zhytomyr, vul. Geroiv Pozhezhnikh, 70a
Vidd 22   Zhytomyr, vul. Pokrovska, 54a (microdistrict Zhytomyr furniture)
Vidd 23   Zhytomyr, vul. L. Kachinsky, 10A
Vidd 24   Zhytomyr, vul. Peremogi, 12
Vidd 25   Zhytomyr, Maidan Korolenka, 6
Vidd 26   Zhytomyr, vul. Vitruk, 32
Vidd 28   Zhytomyr, vul. Klosovsky Oleksandr, 10-a
P-t 3394   Zhytomyr, vul. Roman Shukhevych, 9 (mag. Polissya-product)
Pt 3449   Zhytomyr, Maidan Peremogi, 3 (mag. Youth fashion)
P-t 3450   Zhytomyr, vul. Peremohy, 50 (mag. Polissya-product)
P-t 3558   Zhytomyr, vul. Svyatoslav Richter, 40 (mag. Polissya-product)
Pt 3559   Zhytomyr, vul. Gagarina, 5 (mag. Polissya-product)
P-t 5267   Zhytomyr, vul. Pokrovska, 135 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5590   Zhytomyr, vul. Korolova, 44 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5591   Zhytomyr, vul. Vitruk, 38 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5630   Zhytomyr, ave. Mira, 15a (mag. ATB)
P-t 5643   Zhytomyr, vul. Velyka Berdichivska, 70b (mag. ATB)
P-t 5786   Zhytomyr, vul. Nezalezhnosti, 63 (WOG)
P-t 5814   Zhytomyr, vul. Viruka, 1 (WOG)
P-t 5830   Zhytomyr, Maidan Vizvolennya, 11 (WOG)
P-t 5869   Zhytomyr, vul. Ivan Sloti, 64 (mag. ATB)
P-t 5879   Zhytomyr, vul. Dombrovskogo, 3 (mag. ATB)

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