What is better, liquid wallpaper or ordinary?

What is better, liquid wallpaper or ordinary?
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In anticipation of the repair, we all plan, read, select, look for good ideas and the best materials. And many are interested in the question: what to choose, liquid wallpaper or ordinary? In this article, we will try to figure out which of these materials is better by comparing them on a number of key factors.

Operational and technical characteristics

To better understand how liquid or ordinary wallpaper behaves during operation, we have compiled a comparative table.

Indicators The liquid wallpaper Ordinary wallpapers
Paper Vinyl
Hypoallergenic + + -
Ecological cleanliness + + -
Vapor permeability + + -
Noise isolation + - -
thermal insulation + - -
Irregularity masking + - -
Preservation of color as a result of exposure to sunlight + - +
Strength - - +
moisture resistance - - +
Ability to clean with water - - +
Spot recovery + - -

Financial accessibility

It is best to start the comparison with an estimate of the cost of wallpaper, because before starting repairs, every homeowner tries to plan their expenses and think over the budget.

When answering the question of what is cheaper liquid wallpaper or regular wallpaper, it is worth saying that a package of cellulose wallpaper can be bought at a price of 90 UAH. Silk material will cost you a little more - from 150 UAH per package. A mixture from one package is enough to process 3.5-4.5 m². In other words, to cover 1 m² of wall, you will need from 22 UAH. You can see the prices for liquid wallpaper in our catalog .

liquid wallpaper in the nursery

At the same time, the cost of preparatory work should also be taken into account. Liquid coatings do not require time-consuming surface preparation. The walls should be white or in the color of the material and primed. Surfaces do not need to be ideally puttied and rubbed. The final cost of finishing in this case is from 50 UAH / m2.

liquid wallpaper drawings

When sticking paper wallpaper, the surfaces must be leveled, puttied and cleaned. Plus, experts recommend pre-treat the walls with antifungal agents. In total, at least 150 UAH / m2 comes out (drywall, putty, primer, gluing, the wallpaper itself). The same figure for vinyl wallpaper will be even higher.

The complexity of finishing work

The process of applying liquid coatings is quite simple. You can get the hang of applying the material correctly in 15-20 minutes. The most difficult thing is to distribute the mass in an even layer over the entire area of the treated area. The only tool you will need is a special plastic trowel with an L-shaped handle.

liquid wallpaper tool

The process of sticking paper wallpaper is known to everyone. First, a piece of the required length is measured and cut off. Then glue is applied to it and often also to part of the wall. It is important to adjust the joints, adhere to the patterns. All this is quite complicated and energy-intensive.

decorative value

When choosing liquid or regular wallpaper, consumers also take into account the result of the finishing work, how stylish and spectacular the interior decoration of the room will be after the repair.

Liquid coatings do not have unattractive joints and seams. With their help, you can draw unique patterns and even entire compositions on the wall or ceiling, creating a truly exclusive design. As a result of using paper wallpaper, an average design is obtained. There is no question of exclusivity.

We hope we answered your question, which wallpaper is better, liquid or regular. The Style company offers consumers an extensive color palette of liquid coatings of its own production.

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