Why do rare trellises vibrate

Why do rare trellises vibrate
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The modern construction market offers a fairly wide range of finishing materials. A special place among them is occupied by liquid wallpapers, which appeared quite recently, but have already managed to interest professional builders and ordinary consumers. Today we will tell you what liquid wallpapers are made of and how to choose them correctly.

Liquid wallpaper: composition and features

Most of us associate the word "wallpaper" with patterned plain paper or vinyl canvases, sold in the form of rolls. In reality, the only similarity between liquid wallpaper and traditional counterparts is their use for interior decoration. The composition of liquid wallpaper is completely different, you can see it on the main page https://stil.com.ua/ua .

This decorative material is produced in the form of a dry mixture, which is packaged in bags. The composition of the mixture includes:

  • The main filler

The functions of the base can be performed by cellulose obtained by cooking and further processing of wood; bleached cotton or artificial silk.

  • Binder

Production of liquid wallpaper involves the use of KMC glue. The key component of this glue, carboxymethyl cellulose, is used to thicken toothpaste, ice cream and other food products, as well as cosmetics.

The glue may contain fungicidal additives that prevent the development and spread of mold and fungus on the surfaces of walls and ceilings. The properties of the glue ensure easy repair and restoration of liquid wallpaper. Plus, it retains its adhesive qualities after the first use.

  • Textile additives

It is these substances that are responsible for creating a color pattern and make the wallpaper particularly impressive. Most often, in the production of liquid wallpaper , silk fibers and yarn are used. Silk, evenly distributed throughout the structure of the material, gives it one or another tone and allows you to do without the addition of artificial dyes. The yarn provides a visual effect of warmth and softness.

  • Decorative additives

If we consider in detail the question of what liquid wallpaper consists of, it is worth noting the presence of finely dispersed glitter, available in 5 alternative colors and perfectly combined with silver or gold accessories. Mica and vermiculite can also be added to the composition of the material.

Which foundation to choose?

Depending on the main filler, cellulose, silk, cellulose-silk liquid wallpapers are distinguished. Different bases can give the material different properties, but at the same time it cannot be claimed that some type of wallpaper is of better quality.

For example, cellulose is a more affordable filler. It provides a moderate relief and matte surface of the wallpaper, helps them not to lose their decorative qualities under the influence of sunlight.

Silk gives the coating a special shine. In addition, silk liquid wallpaper does not absorb odors and tolerates operation well in conditions of high humidity, which makes them indispensable for decorating kitchen walls.

Therefore, when choosing liquid wallpaper , consider what it is made of and in which rooms you plan to use it.

Liquid wallpaper production technology

The main stages of production

  • production of artificial fiber
  • fiber cutting
  • Pulp grinding
  • mixing all components
  • packaging

The "Style" company offers consumers liquid wallpaper, production technology which is based on the application of the most progressive developments in this field. The result is really high-quality and high-tech finishing material for your repair!

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