Is it possible to update liquid wallpaper and how to do it right

Is it possible to update liquid wallpaper and how to do it right
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Over time, almost all finishing materials lose their original spectacular appearance. They fade in the sun, are damaged by moisture or temperature fluctuations, tear and become dirty. And, if ordinary wallpaper in this case needs to be re-pasted or, at least, repainted, then with liquid decorative coatings this problem is solved much easier. Today we will talk about how to update liquid wallpaper .

Operational features of liquid wallpaper

First of all, it should be noted that liquid coatings have a number of important advantages over other materials. Thanks to these qualities, they retain an attractive appearance for a long period of time and do not require constant updating.

Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen


  1. Liquid wallpaper does not need special care. They are characterized by a zero energy charge, as a result of which they do not attract dust. However, if necessary, they can be vacuumed.
  2. The material is not afraid of exposure to sunlight and does not fade over time.
  3. When coated with acrylic lacquer, liquid coatings tolerate moisture well.

Recovery of liquid wallpaper

However, if, for one reason or another, the liquid coatings are damaged and contaminated, you can easilyrepair the affected area. To do this, it is enough to arm yourself with a simple set of tools and prepare a portion of fresh adhesive mass for local restoration work.

liquid wallpaper restoration

Before refreshing liquid wallpaper , you need to eliminate the damaged area. Dry coating is soaked with warm water. After that, it is necessary to prepare a new composition for application to the wall. It must be from the same collection as the rest of the wallpaper.

liquid wallpaper repair

It is recommended to apply a viscous substance to reproduce the original layer using a special plastic trowel. So that the border between the old and updated material is not conspicuous, soak the joints with water and carefully rub with a trowel. After the wallpaper has dried, it will be impossible to see the difference between the old and the restored coating with the naked eye.

The Style company recommends buying liquid wallpaper with a small margin. So you do not have to run around the shops in case of need in search of the same collection of material to restore damaged areas.

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