Vitrata of rare tapestries per 1 square meter or room

Vitrata of rare tapestries per 1 square meter or room
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Liquid wallpaper is a popular material that is used in the interior decoration of rooms in houses, apartments, and offices. It is characterized by safety for health, aesthetic appearance, sound insulation. The composition is dominated by cellulose and silk fibers with the addition of KMC glue. Thanks to them, the surface of the walls acquires a specific relief, which in turn hides the unevenness of the walls. If such finishing is planned in the room, then first of all you need to calculate the consumption of liquid wallpaper per 1 square meter.

What affects the costs of liquid wallpaper

According to many characteristics, the material resembles decorative plaster in many respects. After cooking, the mixture is applied to the walls. But the calculation of the required amount must be done before starting work. In this situation, it is important what the consumption of liquid wallpaper per square meter is. Important factors and criteria should be noted immediately:

  • the amount of material used will depend on the knowledge and skills of the employee;
  • the surface on which the liquid wallpaper will be applied. If there are irregularities, the consumption of the product increases significantly compared to a flat and smooth surface;
  • correct mixing of dry material with water. So that the consumption of liquid wallpaper per 1 sq. m was minimal, it is important to add 5.5 liters of water to cellulose liquid wallpaper, and 4.5 liters to silk.

Consumption of liquid wallpaper per 1 square meter

The calculation looks like this:

  1. We determine the total area of the walls in the room.
  2. We subtract the area of windows and doors.
  3. We divide the resulting area by the average consumption per 1 square meter. m.
  4. We round up for a margin.

Consumption of silk plaster is approximately 3-3.5 square meters. m./1 pack, and liquid wallpaper on a cellulose basis 3.5-4.5.

The area of the room is calculated:

Rkimn=length of the walls*height of the ceiling.

Let's give an example. If the dimensions of your room are 2*3 meters, and the ceiling height is 2.5 meters, the number of packages for cellulose material is calculated as follows:

Npack = (Room+Dkimn)*2*Wkimn/Rpak = (2+3)*2*2.5/3.5 = 7 packages, windows, doors, clean areas must also be calculated.

In addition, you can use any calculator on the construction site, which will significantly simplify the calculation procedure.

It is necessary to pay additional attention to some factors: the quality of the mixed mixture, the proportions of the components (if the consistency is thick, more material is needed), the presence or absence of irregularities. For these reasons, the work surface must be prepared before processing.

Price per square meter of liquid wallpaper

It will be easier for many to navigate the cost of the material if they calculate the price per square.

For example, let's take liquid wallpaper Style type 131 with a price of UAH 90 and an average consumption of 4 square meters. m

Let's divide the price by consumption - 90/4 = UAH 22.5/sq. m. walls.

As you can see, if you take the price per square meter, the price is very low, especially considering the inexpensive preparation of the walls and the possibility of independent application.

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