Is it possible to make liquid wallpaper yourself

Is it possible to make liquid wallpaper yourself
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Many enterprising homeowners, trying to optimize the budget allocated for repairs, are looking on the Internet for how to make liquid wallpaper at home. There is a lot of textual and graphic content on this topic on the World Wide Web. The information is far from clear. Today we will analyze whether it is realistic to prepare cellulose and silk plaster with your own hands. and how appropriate.

DIY liquid wallpaper: recipes and life hacks

As we have already said, there are a lot of various recommendations on the network how to make liquid wallpaper yourself . But almost all of them have the same base and differ only in decorative components.

So, we will need:

  • Shredded paper, preferably office paper (1 kg)
  • Wallpaper glue.
  • Gypsum (but why?).
  • The color used for water-based paint.
  • Yarn (optional).
  • glitter
  • Water

how to make liquid wallpaper with your own hands

Let's calculate how much money we will spend on all these ingredients needed to make liquid wallpaper at home.

Let us get the paper for nothing, we will miss the gypsum altogether. But even with such an optimistic scenario, we will have to spend:

Material Quantity Price, UAH
Glue 200 grams thirty
Color 1 PC twenty
Yarn 100g 25
glitter 20 grams fifteen

Total cost: 90 UAH/pack. Recall that you can buy cellulose wallpaper at a price of 90 UAH per pack. Silk will cost you a little more - from 152 UAH per pack. Is the cost of factory material and do-it-yourself liquid wallpaper much different? Not too much, but the result will vary very, very much. Also, do not forget that if there is not enough material, it is unlikely that it will be possible to make it without tonal differences.

homemade liquid wallpaper and branded

Difficulties of self-preparation of a liquid coating

Do not forget that the paper will need to be finely chopped, the yarn - also finely chopped. To get one pack of material, you will have to spend at least half an hour, and for one medium-sized room you need 10 packs, no less.

Considering the topic how to make liquid wallpaper at home , it should also be noted that in the above method it is recommended to use a mixer to mix the ingredients. Whereas it is forbidden to stir the factory-made material with a mixer, otherwise the cellulose will disintegrate to fibers and lose its presentable appearance. On a wall or ceiling, the relief, which should initially be uniform, will look extremely untidy.

Therefore, before looking for a video of making liquid wallpaper, decide for yourself whether you are ready to put up with poor-quality and simply ugly finishes. And in case of a negative answer, we advise you to order decorative coatings TM "Style" , which 100 percent comply with all applicable quality standards and will add a special zest to any interior.

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