Recommendations for the design of a number of rare trellises

Recommendations for the design of a number of rare trellises
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Homeowners have long learned to determine how much construction and finishing materials should be purchased to cover surfaces. But not everyone knows how to calculate liquid wallpaper , since this is a relatively new product in a niche market.

To simplify this process, we have developed a liquid wallpaper calculator. So, to use it, follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to the directory


Step 2. Select the desired liquid wallpaper and click on the "Calculator" button, for example type 131

type 131

Step 3. Specify the dimensions of the room

liquid wallpaper calculator 1

Step 4. Specify the dimensions of the windows and doors so that the calculator does not take them into account

liquid wallpaper calculator 2

Step 5: Get the results for the walls and ceiling. Also, you can add to the cart, for this select the surface and color of the gloss, click "Buy"

liquid wallpaper calculator 2

Liquid wallpaper: calculation of the amount per 1 m2 without a calculator

To calculate how much liquid wallpaper is needed for a room by hand , you don't need to have any outstanding math skills. For this, it is enough to understand elementary mathematical operations.

You already know that this building and processing material is made in the form of a mixture that is slightly similar to dry plaster. To understand how to calculate liquid wallpaper for a room, first estimate the surface area (S) that you plan to cover with it.

If these are walls, then the calculation will look like this:

S = Length of walls * height of ceilings

calculation of the amount of liquid wallpaper

On average, one package of cellulose wallpaper should be enough for 3-4 m2 of wall. The silk-based material covers 3-3.5 m2 of wall from one package.

Let's consider an illustrative example. Given: a room with dimensions of 2m*3m and a ceiling height of 2.5 m.

Number of packages = (2+3)*2*2.5/3.5 = 7 packages (taking into account the area occupied by window and door openings)

For your convenience, we have developed a liquid wallpaper calculator , with which you will make all the necessary calculations in a few seconds.

The nuances of spending wallpaper

It is worth noting that the amount of substance required for application may be partly influenced by other factors:

  • Mixing quality

A thicker consistency of the material leads to an increase in its quantity, necessary for the treatment of a certain surface area.

  • Volume of added water

As a result of the lack of water in the solution, gaps can form on the wall. Excessive water content can cause poor fixation of the wallpaper on the wall. Therefore, in the question of how much liquid wallpaper is needed per square meter, one should not forget about the importance of the correct proportions of the liquid.

  • Relief of treated surfaces

Mass consumption may increase on insufficiently flat surfaces. That is why professionals recommend preparing walls and ceilings in advance, removing unevenness and curvature.

  • Master's experience

For a beginner, one package is usually enough for an area of 3 m2. And more experienced repairmen can cover 5 m2 with the same amount of material.

The "Style" company hopes that our tips were relevant, and now you know how to calculate how much liquid wallpaper is needed.

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