We repair liquid wallpaper damaged by cats

We repair liquid wallpaper damaged by cats
Ирина Кипа 2020.09.01 0 957

Our pets often bring not only joy from communicating with them, but also problems. First of all, it is scratched furniture, torn textiles and, of course, peeled wallpaper. In this way, cats clean off the peeling top layer of claws, mark their territory, or just play. What to do if cats damaged liquid wallpaper ? Is there any way to restore them?

To eliminate contamination or damage to ordinary wallpaper, they are unscheduled re-pasted or, at least, covered with paint. To eliminate the problems that have arisen with liquid wallpaper, you only need a set of simple tools and new raw materials for applying to the walls.

Repair procedure

  1. Remove the damaged area of the textile coating by first soaking it with slightly warmed water.
  2. Prepare fresh raw materials for applying to the walls, be sure to from the same collection that was used earlier.
  3. Reproduce the previous layer of wallpaper with a plastic trowel.
  4. To hide the border between the old and new section, soak the joints with water and rub them with a trowel. On a dried coating, the restored area will not differ in any way from the main layer.

You can read more about therepair of liquid wallpaper in the article.

The company "Style" strongly recommends buying liquid wallpaper "with a margin." Then you can easily restore any damaged area. And no cats are afraid of you!

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