See rare tapestries

See rare tapestries
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Liquid wallpaper Style - dry plaster, which is more comparable to decorative plaster. The following components are traditionally used in the composition: silk, cellulose, KMC glue, glitter, yarn and other fibers and threads. KMC glue acts as a binder for the base and decorative components. The basis is silk or cellulose, just the type of basis and divides liquid wallpaper into types.

types of liquid wallpaper

Types of liquid wallpaper

  1. Silky . It contains at least 70% silk fiber, which is cut into 6 mm pieces. Silk fiber has a characteristic shine, as well as a number of positive operational characteristics.
  2. Cellulose . It contains at least 60% cellulose - the raw material is obtained from wood, which is the basis for paper production. They have good thermal insulation properties, can be painted on top.
  3. Silk - Cellulosic . They contain about 40% silk and 40% cellulose. They partly have the properties described above

I would immediately like to draw attention to the fact that it would be a mistake to consider some type of liquid wallpaper to be of higher quality. Each type has its own advantages and features, so that it would be easier for you to navigate, we made a comparison table.

Comparison of types of liquid wallpaper
Parameter Silk Cellulose Cellulose - Silk
Price, sq. m. 50-70 22-28 35-40
Consumption from 1 package 3-3.5 3.5-4.5 3-4
Solid colors + - -
They absorb odors, you can use them in the kitchen + - +/-
Shine + - -
Heat/sound insulation - + +/-
Ease of application - + +/-
Vapor permeability + + +

In this table, we have indicated which type of wallpaper wins according to which properties, this does not mean that silk wallpaper is very difficult to apply.

All liquid wallpapers are characterized by:

  • Safety for health. Odorless, do not contain phthalates, plasticizers, etc. The absence of odor is especially relevant for people prone to allergies
  • The lack of coverage. Undoubtedly improves the visual effect
  • Sound/heat insulation. If you put your palm against the outer wall in winter, it will be warm and pleasant, unlike vinyl wallpaper
  • Ability to create patterns and panels
  • Partial repair. It is especially relevant for people with pets, 10 minutes and the place of repair will not be visible. More details here

I hope we have answered your question - what are the types of liquid wallpaper) Have a good repair

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