How to choose liquid wallpaper

How to choose liquid wallpaper
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Since liquid coatings for interior decoration are still new in a niche market, it is difficult for an uninformed person to understand which one should be preferred under certain conditions. We will try to help you understand the question of how to choose liquid wallpaper .

Types of liquid wallpaper

First of all, you should consider all existing types of this material. They are distinguished by the main element of the base.
So, liquid wallpaper are:

  • Cellulosic . More affordable financially, but no less quality. They do not lose their presentable appearance and performance properties under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. They have a matte surface and a moderate texture. cellulose wallpaper
  • Silk . The concentration of silk is at least 80%, due to which the coating acquires a special glossy sheen. In addition, this material repels odors and tolerates moisture well. Therefore, it is often used for finishing kitchen walls. silk liquid wallpaper
  • Pulp and silk . Silk and cellulose in the composition of the wallpaper are in equal proportions. cellulose silk liquid wallpaper

It is impossible to say which liquid wallpaper is better and which is worse. All of their types are of the same quality and differ only in decorative properties.

Why do buyers prefer wallpaper "Style"

Among the variety of liquid coatings of various brands, it is important to choose really high-quality materials.
The Style company has been producing liquid wallpaper for 10 years. During this time, we have repeatedly improved the formulations of dry mixes and received an almost perfect composition. Our products are fully tested for durability, consumption, color fastness, texture uniqueness, resistance to external factors.

Liquid Wallpaper Style

As a result, all our liquid wallpapers:

  • have a natural and safe composition;
  • perfectly mask the defects of ceilings and walls;
  • available in a wide color palette;
  • allow you to create individual patterns and whole pictures;
  • have high heat and noise insulation properties;
  • well tolerate temperature fluctuations;
  • do not lose their original color under the influence of solar radiation;
  • amenable to easy repair.

How to choose liquid wallpaper by color

Color is of great importance in the interior. Wall coverings of different shades cause a different emotional response and create a different microclimate in the house. Let's look at the most relevant wallpaper colors of the season.

Beige shades are the most popular. They are very popular both in our country and in the West. In a room with beige walls, we feel peaceful and protected.

beige liquid wallpaper

White does not lose its relevance, but this year white wallpapers interspersed with brighter pigments are in high demand. This is ideal for decorating rooms with windows facing north.

white liquid wallpaper

Orange coatings enliven any interior, making the atmosphere more comfortable. No wonder this color in the interior is very fond of in gloomy England. And in our latitudes, it is becoming increasingly popular.

orange liquid wallpaper

So, we can say with confidence that the question which liquid wallpaper is better is not entirely correct. You should choose the material from a trusted manufacturer, taking into account the conditions for its further operation and your personal preferences.

If you want to find really high-quality liquid coatings that will decorate the interior of your home for many years, contact the Style online store . All materials offered by us are properly certified, which indicates a high level of their quality.

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