Liquid wallpaper or decorative plaster: which is better?

Liquid wallpaper or decorative plaster: which is better?
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An ignorant person often confuses the concepts of "liquid wallpaper" and "decorative plaster". The explanation is simple: in both cases, the finished finish looks very similar. Plus, such wallpapers are sometimes called liquid plaster. As these two finishing materials become more and more popular, consumers should understand what is the difference between liquid wallpaper and decorative plaster , and which of the materials is better to choose in one case or another.

liquid wallpaper in the living room

decorative plaster

comparison table

To summarize all of the above and to systematize all the operational and technical indicators of materials, we have compiled a comparative table.

Indicators The liquid wallpaper Decorative plaster
Hypoallergenic + +
Environmental friendliness + +
Vapor permeability + +
thermal insulation + +
Noise isolation + +
Masking wall flaws + +
Color retention when exposed to sunlight +/- +
Strength - +
moisture resistance - +
Ability to clean with water - +
Spot recovery + -
Ability to create patterns and drawings + +
No seams or joints + +
Building shrinkage tolerance + -
Ease of application + -
Finishing any surface + +
Possibility of easy removal + -
Use for facade decoration - +

How are the materials similar?

Despite the fact that the main component of plaster is quartz sand, and liquid wallpaper is based on cellulose or silk , they have much in common.

liquid wallpaper 2

decorative plaster 2

Both considered materials:

  • Used for finishing almost any surface (concrete, brick, drywall, stone, wood, metal);
  • Mask the flaws of the surfaces of walls and ceilings (slots, cracks, dents, chips);
  • Allow you to draw a variety of color patterns and entire compositions;
  • Provide excellent sound insulation;
  • Contribute to the creation of a comfortable microclimate in the house due to high vapor permeability;
  • Characterized by excellent thermal insulation performance;
  • Suitable for use for a long time;
  • Do not emit toxic and simply dangerous substances into the atmosphere;
  • Do not cause allergic reactions in humans;
  • They form an integral coating without seams and joints.

What is the difference between materials

When choosing decorative plaster or liquid wallpaper , one should also take into account the fact that both of these materials have their own, only their inherent advantages and disadvantages.

liquid wallpaper 3

decorative plaster 3

Plaster favorably differs in the increased durability and practically does not give in to mechanical deformation. The material is moisture resistant, so they can finish rooms with a high level of humidity (kitchens, bathrooms). Yes, and to care for him for the same reason is very simple: just use a wet rag. Since plaster tolerates significant temperature fluctuations well, it is often used for exterior cladding.

On the other hand, the material is difficult to restore, it is often almost impossible to restore damaged areas, unlike therepair of liquid wallpaper . It becomes covered with cracks in buildings subject to shrinkage. It is very difficult to remove it from surfaces in order to replace it. Only professional craftsmen can decorate walls with plaster, non-specialists cannot do it. And finally, such a finish will cost the homeowner a significant amount.

Finding out which is better , liquid wallpaper or decorative plaster, one cannot fail to mention the obvious advantages of wallpaper:

  • No cracks during shrinkage of the house;
  • Ease of application;
  • Trouble-free removal;
  • Ability to restore damaged areas;
  • Nice texture;
  • Affordable finishing cost ( our catalogue ).

Among the minuses, one can only note the impossibility of using it to cover facades and poor tolerance to moisture, which makes it problematic to use the material in bathrooms and kitchens. However, the second drawback is easy to neutralize by treating the wallpaper on top with acrylic varnish.

We hope the information was useful for you, and now the choice is not difficult for you. Of course, decorative plaster is distinguished by increased durability and strength, which makes it advisable to use it for exterior decoration. But in interiors, liquid wallpapers are more preferable, which are cheaper, easier to apply, easier to restore, and removed without much difficulty.

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