Liquid wallpaper: pros and cons

Liquid wallpaper: pros and cons
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The modern construction industry offers customers a huge selection of technologies and materials to solve current problems. If you were just looking for an interesting solution for wall decoration, pay attention to liquid wallpaper. Silk plaster is beautiful, practical, durable, easy to apply and has a universal scope. Consider the pros and cons of liquid wallpaper , tell you when to choose them for interior decoration.

liquid wallpaper in the apartment

Liquid wallpaper: pros and cons, what are they

Liquid wallpaper, the advantages and disadvantages of which we will consider below, are sold in the form of a dry mix, packaged in plastic bags, each weighing about 1 kg. Use material for finishing ceilings, walls in rooms of different types. Liquid wallpaper got its name due to the peculiarities of the application - the mixture is diluted to the state of a sticky viscous mass, after which it is used for wall decoration. In many ways, the characteristics of the compositions are similar to those of decorative plasters. For application, you need to use a semi-terre - a tool that looks like a board with a handle. The decorative coating has no joints (liquid wallpaper has minor drawbacks, and this moment covers them).

advantages of liquid wallpaper pattern

Liquid wallpaper is not harmful to health - largely due to the natural composition. Silk, cotton, cellulose or other materials are used as the basis. The role of the binder is performed by CMC glue (it is added, including to food products - for example, ice cream). There are antifungal additives in liquid wallpaper that prevent the growth of fungus and mold. Visual effects depend on additional components. Wall decoration with yarn or glitter looks interesting. To add shine, manufacturers use small-fraction cosmetic glitters. Liquid wallpaper has practically no disadvantages.

Liquid wallpaper: pros and cons

Consider the pros and cons of decorative plaster . The advantages of liquid wallpaper are much greater than the disadvantages. Main:

  1. Safety for health - the environmental friendliness of finishing materials today is given increased attention. Liquid wallpaper has a natural composition, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  2. Vapor permeability - if the walls breathe, the most comfortable atmosphere is created in the room. For example, vinyl canvases do not allow steam to pass through, and the house becomes like a thermos.
  3. Attractive visual characteristics - finished walls do not contain joints and seams. With conventional canvases, it is almost impossible to achieve such a result.
  4. Masking visual defects - decorative relief plaster, fills cracks and other wall defects, levels surfaces. If the flaws are minor, liquid wallpaper will eliminate them, preliminary preparation for application is not needed.
  5. Good parameters of thermal and noise insulation - after finishing the walls with liquid wallpaper, the apartment becomes warmer and quieter, largely due to the fibrous and porous structure of the coating.

The advantages of liquid wallpaper include the ability to perform spot repairs (it is easy to restore individual damaged areas), hypoallergenicity, and excellent decorative qualities. Using plaster, you can make panels and patterns - you have to work hard, but the result will not disappoint you.

liquid wallpaper in the nursery

Cons of liquid wallpaper

The disadvantages of liquid wallpaper are insignificant - it cannot be washed , which is easily compensated by the possibility of partial repairs. The material is inexpensive (from 25 UAH / m2), it is simple to apply, the coating comes out beautiful and durable. The cost depends on the composition and brand, products from trusted manufacturers, such as the Style company, will be the best choice for many years (in terms of environmental friendliness, durability). So liquid wallpaper has relative disadvantages, at the moment it is one of the most practical coatings.

advantages of liquid wallpaper

Now you know everything about the advantages and disadvantages of liquid wallpaper, you can make the right choice. When buying, always look at the base of the coating.

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