How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom

How to choose wallpaper for the bedroom
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If a renovation is planned in your bedroom, then you are probably wondering: which wallpaper is better to choose?

The problem is that it is very difficult for “beginners” to decide due to the huge number of manufacturers and models, as well as, as a rule, due to a small budget.

But you really want to choose the perfect design for your room. So that your bedroom contributes to relaxation after a hard day's work and comfortable rest ... But here's the problem: you go to the next store and again you see low-quality goods, and even at a high price. And finally understand that you risk wasting money. But the main reason to pay attention to the choice is the comfort of your nest.

This article will help you understand the types and features of wallpaper. Based on this, you will make the right choice for the needs of your family and use your money for the purchase.

paper wallpaper

paper wallpaper

Reasons to buy: eco-friendly material, wide range of colors, budget price. Paper wallpapers come in two varieties: single-layer and multi-layer. The former are also called "simplex", and the latter - "duplex and triplex". They are much stronger than single-layer due to several layers of paper.

Paper wallpapers are great for both a city apartment and a country house. They will look good absolutely everywhere: be it a bedroom, an office, and even a kitchen. There are also children's collections of paper wallpapers. Their peculiarity is in bright, positive drawings, on which cartoon characters are depicted, fairy tales are visualized, etc.

Multi-layered ones will last much longer than single-layer ones, but in general, paper wallpapers are short-lived and not very practical. The service life of paper wallpaper depends on many factors. Among them, the intensity of touching the wallpaper, the number of layers of paper, etc. But on the other hand, such wallpapers have one of the lowest prices on the market.

Paper wallpapers are a type of "breathable" wallpaper and do not emit toxic substances. They are suitable for allergy sufferers, and are considered one of the most environmentally friendly wallpapers.

Non-woven wallpaper

non-woven wallpaper

Reasons to buy: moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, suitable for uneven walls. We will talk about wallpapers that are made entirely of several layers of non-woven fabric. Their basis is cellulose, polyester is also present in their composition. In addition to these, there are also non-woven wallpapers, the top layer of which can be anything, for example, vinyl or paper, and the main layer can be non-woven, but this is a separate topic for discussion.

Non-woven wallpaper is fire resistant, breathable and generally environmentally friendly. Suitable for gluing in absolutely any room.

Some models are ideal for painting, and they can be repainted up to 15 times. Non-woven wallpaper has high strength and density. For painting, they are produced mainly in light shades. In general, such wallpapers have a huge selection among colors and themes.

Vinyl wallpapers

vinyl wallpapers

Reasons to buy: easy to clean, UV resistant, variety of designs. These wallpapers are highly durable and have a long service life. There are several types: polyplen, compact vinyl, foamed (embossed) vinyl, heavy (hard) vinyl, flat (kitchen, smooth) vinyl, silk-screen printing, and those wallpapers that can be repainted.

Vinyl wallpaper two-layer. They have a wide variety of patterns. Among them there are abstract drawings, wood imitation, prints depicting animals and flowers, fairy tale characters, geometry, etc.

When choosing, you can find the most diverse colors, for example: silver, golden, copper overflows, as well as, of course, all the shades we are used to. They are easy enough to take care of. But, nevertheless, their main disadvantage is that they do not have air permeability, and, therefore, are not suitable for the bedroom.

The liquid wallpaper

the liquid wallpaper

Reasons to buy: environmentally friendly, easy to repair, safe for health, resistant to fading, undemanding to the base.

Liquid wallpaper can be bought in the form of a dry substance, packaged in plastic bags. And you can buy ready-made. This type of liquid wallpaper is sold in buckets. They consist of mica, cellulose, glitters, adhesive components (CMC), flocks, silk, mother-of-pearl, etc. The wallpaper mixture is diluted with water, and then applied to the area with a spatula.

Thanks to the type of such wallpaper, you can lay out whole pictures on the walls. They are compatible with absolutely any material, be it drywall, concrete, paint, wood, plaster. Liquid wallpaper is very easy to repair. The desired area is cut out, soaked and applied to the same place. Also a distinctive price is the low price .

Textile wallpapers

Reasons to buy: Eco-friendly, wear-resistant, durable, UV resistant. The basis for textile wallpaper is interlining or paper. The next layer is textiles. During the production process, they are technically impregnated with an antistatic solution. The strength of such wallpaper is low, and this is the most expensive type of wallpaper.

Another of their significant disadvantages: the absorption of moisture, and they also get dirty easily. But at the same time, they are all a good option for the bedroom.

natural wallpaper

Reasons to buy: long lasting, environmentally friendly, easy to care for, suitable for allergy sufferers. Their top layer is made from natural materials: bamboo, reed, cork, jute. They differ from other types of high environmental friendliness. They are applied to a non-woven or paper base. Protected from dust by special impregnation. Natural wallpaper is unstable to light and moisture, and does not differ in budget price. Also, they do not have the greatest variety of patterns.

Glass fiber

glass wall paper

Reasons to buy: long life, vapor permeable, UV resistant, repaintable, allergy friendly, easy to care for, washable and disinfectant resistant, and generally water resistant. You can determine the water resistance of glass wall papers thanks to the symbol, which has the shape of a wave.

They can be glued in rooms with high humidity. Also, fiberglass lends itself well to installation and is suitable for long-term operation.

In terms of assortment, the choice of glass wallpaper is not very wide. But on the other hand, they are durable, as well as their advantages are environmental friendliness and versatility. But among the drawings there is a choice: matting, herringbone, circles, baroque, flowers, bamboo, wave, zigzag, gossamer, leaves, stripes, diagonal line, abstract line, Provence, etc. They can be glued on ceilings, walls and inclined surfaces.

Wall mural

photo wallpaper

Reasons to buy: long service life, UV resistant, suitable for absolutely any cleaning. Photo wallpapers are wallpapers with a photo image. It can be flowers, nature, abstract drawings, a reproduction of a famous painting, etc. The disadvantages include high demands on the walls and the relatively high price of wallpaper.

metallic wallpaper

Reasons to buy: sound insulation, easy to clean, moisture resistant, abrasion resistant. These wallpapers do not fade or fade, they are moisture resistant. In general, they can be washed with everything except household chemicals. Also, one of the advantages is versatility. The disadvantages include the obligatory presence of a flat surface for gluing and high cost.

Which is better to choose?

If you have a limited budget: choose paper ones.

If you are looking for the best price / quality combination, pay attention to liquid wallpaper .

For those who are willing to spend money, but at the same time get a beautiful design of their room, we advise you to choose liquid, textile, glass / photo wallpaper, or metal.

Now boldly go to the store, armed with our practical tips!

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