Vacancies of the Ukrainian manufacturer of liquid wallpaper "Sty

Do you dream of a decent salary and work in a friendly team? Liquid wallpaper manufacturer "Style" is looking for new employees. Check out what vacancies are currently open and join our team!

Briefly about the company "Style"

The company was founded back in 2010. Understanding the need of a niche market for affordable, stylish, safe and technologically advanced coatings, we have developed a completely new, unique material - liquid wallpaper.

Through constant research and testing, we have achieved an ideal wallpaper composition, almost all components of which are of natural origin. The result - liquid wallpaper TM "Style", which does not pose a threat to human health, has exceptional noise and heat insulation properties, has a "breathing" structure, does not form seams during application and allows you to create a truly exclusive interior.

Liquid wallpaper TM "Style" is successfully sold throughout Ukraine. They can be found on the shelves of both small specialized stores and general hypermarkets. The company also cooperates with construction teams and design studios.

The Style company is actively developing and growing. Therefore, we are always interested in motivated employees.

Benefits of working with us:

  • Official employment. Contributions to the pension fund, as well as paid vacation and sick leave - this is just a small list of the advantages of official registration at the workplace.
  • Opportunity for learning and development. The constant increase in the range and growth in sales require in-house training on liquid wallpaper "Style" and training on their sales. We also always encourage and welcome any initiative to acquire new knowledge.
  • Opportunity for career growth. Showing high results of work, outstanding professional qualities and initiative, each member of our team can count on a quick rise through the ranks.
  • Competitive and stable salary. Salary consists of a mandatory rate and a percentage of sales. We regularly analyze salaries in the niche and take into account current trends in the labor market in order to make timely changes to the payroll process for our employees.
  • Comfortable working conditions. The company provides the team with inexhaustible supplies of coffee, tea and other small and not very amenities.
  • Convenient work schedule. Standard five-day week with working hours from 09:00 to 18:00 and traditional days off on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Joint recreation and entertainment. As a friendly and close-knit team, we not only work, but also relax together. We prefer active pastime, competitive spirit, fresh air, new experiences.

Current vacancies of the company "Style"

To find a job in the Style online store, contact us at:

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Sales Manager

Since the company sells the lion's share of its products online, we are looking for a manager for an online store. Responsibilities include active sales of liquid wallpaper, mainly wholesale. The ability to interest a potential buyer in a product is required.

Job Skills and Qualities:

  • 1 year experience in sales;
  • activity and communication skills;
  • knowledge of the assortment of the online store;
  • ability to explain the specifics and benefits of products.

The first month is a trial period.


Responsibilities include packaging, packaging of liquid wallpaper, presented in the form of dry mixes, in polyethylene bags, as well as checking the integrity of the package.

Job Skills and Qualities:

  • work experience is not required;
  • accuracy and scrupulousness;
  • accuracy and consistency of actions;
  • propensity for manual labor and good hand-eye coordination.

The first month is a trial period.

To become part of the friendly team "Stil", send your resume to